Operation V-Day: Up your sexy game with your partner-in-crime

Operation V-Day: Up your sexy game with your partner-in-crime

Think Valentine’s Day sexy time is a non-starter now that you’ve got kids? Think again! The secret is in the preparation, sexually frustrated moms and dads. Here’s the plan…

Parenting is intense – caring for a sick baby, disciplining an unruly toddler, managing a moody tween. The stresses of being a parent can put a damper on what was or could be an intense sex life. After all, meeting your child’s survival needs is more important than romance, right?

best things to do on valentines day

Although raising children is important, keeping the fire burning between you and your partner should not always take the back seat. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about meeting some of your needs as a couple and hunting for the best things to do on Valentines Day. In case you aren’t convinced yet, consider that having a full love tank gives you more fuel to care for your family!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to steal some of your parent-in-crime’s time to do some non-parenting-related top-secret activities.

Step 1: Set the Stage

Getting on the same page with your partner ensures that you’re both working together to make the day special for each other. This means setting expectations.

Start with topics that are off limits (housework, or junior’s behavioral problems) or how often to check on the kids. This is also a good time to determine how long you can “escape.” Although a one-week getaway sounds overdue, it might not be realistic.

Step 2: Make Childcare Arrangements

This is probably the most important step of your master plan. Knowing that your child is with someone you trust while you spend quality time with each other is half the battle won. You may not like how your in-laws spoil their grandchildren, but get a healthy dose of perspective. Being indulged by lola once in a while is not likely to do the kids any long-term harm. And you need and deserve this, you know you do.

Step 3: Reserve!

Going out on a date is a rare treat, so make sure you don’t spend most of the night waiting. Making a reservation early ensures that you minimize stress, maximizes your time together, and makes it more probable that a table at your restaurant of choice is still available.

Step 4: Dress to Impress

Even spies like James Bond make it a point to dress well. You have the rest of the year to look dowdy! This Valentine’s Day, stow the stressed-parent look away in your closet and exchange it for something fabulous. You might not have the time to buy a new outfit, but making an effort will send your partner the message that you are serious about this time you will spend together. Bonus: sexy underthings can be your special secret – and the big reveal is always worth it.

Step 5: Bring the Right “Gizmos”

Lingerie? Toys? Protection? Yes, yes, and oh yes. By now, parenthood should have already taught you a thing or two about responsibility. Being a parent is amazing but do you know the kind that’s least stressful? Planned parenthood. If you’re not going for one more chick to add to your brood, remember to use protection. Yes, one of the best things to do on Valentines Day is being prepared.

Contrary to what you may think, thinking about this and buying ahead doesn’t kill the romance. In fact, it can raise the anticipation. And if you’re too busy to go shopping for adult items,  buying online has made shopping for a cornucopia of delights so convenient and a lot less awkward.

Ready, agent? If you’re a busy parent with little time to prepare for sexy time, Durex has got you covered. Head on over to Lazada for Durex Exclusive Bundles and discreet delivery to ensure that no one else will be able to guess what you’re up to.

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