Benefits of early morning sex you may not know about

Benefits of early morning sex you may not know about

These benefits of early morning sex should prompt you to be the one making kalabit in the mornings! Make sure to read on mommies!

4. It helps burn calories!

For weight watchers, this is one of the great benefits of early morning sex. You can burn up to 74 calories in just 15 minutes! If your husband needs more exercise, he can burn up to 112 calories in the same amount of time.

Perhaps that morning bout of sex could be the best time for a new, intense position?

5. It makes you look better!

Whether you're going to work or back to bed, your post-coital glow is going to make you simply gorgeous! Sex raises your blood pressure the natural way and improves circulation. This means plumper lips and better skin.

6. It's quick, and easy!

It won't take long for you to get out of that shirt or nightgown.

7. Your kids won't catch you doing the deed

Wait, what? According to Dr. Cruz, kids who accidentally catch their parents having sex (yikes!) can be traumatized for life. She adds that this encounter can affect their own perception of sex when they get much older.

If you do it in the morning, though, when the kids are out, then there's no chance of them catching you in flagrante delicto!

8. You can do it anywhere in your home!

One of the benefits of early morning sex is that when the kids are away, you and the hubby can do it anywhere in the house! We've put together some interesting places to get it on outside the bedroom.

9. It helps build intimacy

Just think about it: both of you are bleary-eyed, have messed-up hair, and are completely vulnerable. This is a side only bed partners can see and one of the intimate benefits of early morning sex.

Take advantage of this special time to build intimacy.

10. It gets you ready to start the day

Since it counts as exercise, you get your lungs filled with air and endorphins running through your body, one of the many benefits of early morning sex.

Instead of a caffeine-induced jolt, how about an orgasm-induced one?

11. It'll surprise your husband

We suggest going the extra mile and giving your hubby a wake-up call with the best blowjob you can do. Get under the blankets and make sure you suck on his tip while you fondle his balls gently and pump the shaft.

He'll be texting you sweet nothings or hot steamy lines the entire day—just one of many benefits of early morning sex.

12. It keeps you close to your spouse

By starting the day doing the same thing, you and the spouse can be up and about getting a bath together, having breakfast, brushing teeth together, and even driving off to work in the same car.

13. It makes your husband more eager!

Since you're being more open about your sexual relations with your husband, he may be more eager to get home and help you out—knowing that if you have enough energy, he gets a sweet sexy treat from you later.

You may be surprised at how willing he is to help out in putting the kids to sleep and doing some chores if it means he gets more sexy time with you.

14. Your hubby isn't as tired in the morning

For all you may know, he might be too tired in the evening to get it up. If you decide to get it on first thing in the morning, you'll be greeted by his morning wood! You'll notice it's bigger and harder than usual—yay!

Now all you have to do is get up on top of him and give yourself a ride.

15. Make sure to keep it romantic!

Dr. Cruz says that while morning sex may be great, what's important is that couples have more sex and build intimacy. It doesn't matter whether you do it in the morning or at night—it's about pleasing each other through romance and each other's bodies.

Have you had morning sex recently? How was it like? Share your stories with us in the comments!


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