Assunta de Rossi undergoing treatment to conceive after 14 years of marriage

Assunta de Rossi undergoing treatment to conceive after 14 years of marriage

The 36-year-old actress is determined to be a mom soon. Now, she's enlisted the help of medicine in order to help her have a baby

After 14 years of marriage, Assunta de Rossi and politician Jules Ledesma are finally ready to add a new member to their family. In a previous interview, Assunta lamented that a myoma in her uterus was one of the main reasons why she has been unable to conceive.

But she isn’t losing hope, knowing that there are a lot of ways for couples to conceive thanks to the numerous advances in medicine and technology.

Both she and her husband have taken a break from their respective showbiz and political careers to focus on having a baby. Throughout this process, she still believes “everything happens at the right time”.

“Sabi nga ni God is not one minute early not one minute late. He is always on time,” she told PEP.

“Kasi hindi naman na ‘ko bata, tapos ang dami ko na ngang problema physically, so kailangan ko siyang ayusin. Ang importante, puwede siyang maayos, it’s not too late,” she told GMA’s 24 Oras.

Jules Ledesma has two kids from a previous relationship—Cristina, 25 and Julio, 20.

Assunta de Rossi undergoing treatment to conceive after 14 years of marriage

photos: Assunta de Rossi Instagram

What you need to know about IVF

Though Assunta has not disclosed the exact method by which they’re trying to conceive, let’s take a closer look at one of the most common procedures couples who want to have a child can explore in the Philippines.

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a fertility treatment is done by extracting an egg from a woman’s ovaries and fertilizing it outside the body by injecting a man’s sperm.

The entire process can take weeks, depending on how successful each stage is. A fertility specialist first needs to assess the couple before prescribing fertility drugs to help hasten the woman’s eggs’ maturity.

Once the eggs are “ripe” they can be harvested and fertilized in a controlled environment. If successful, the fertilized egg is then injected back into the uterus through surgery.

The egg must attach itself to the uterine lining for conception to be achieved.

Of course, there are risks, as is common for medical breakthroughs. The most common of which are prematurity or low birth weight. In some cases, there have been reports of birth defects in babies conceived through IVF.

Ectopic pregnancy can also occur. For some couples, IVF resulted in multiple births, which can be a good thing if you’re planning to have more than one child.

Aside from IVF, there are more affordable options for couples to explore. One is artificial insemination, which is done by injecting sperm directly into a woman’s uterus, cervix, or fallopian tubes.

Whatever you choose, make sure to enlist the help of highly trained medical professionals and to do your own research in order to have a safe and smooth pregnancy and delivery.

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