Newborn in critical condition after being thrown off a building

Newborn in critical condition after being thrown off a building

A newborn boy thrown off a building has managed to survive despite serious injuries. He is currently in a hospital, but is in a critical condition.

Newborns are so fragile and precious. We are even scared to hold them for fear we’d hurt them. So why would someone hurl a newborn off a building? But that is exactly what happened in some absolutely heartbreaking news, when a baby boy was thrown off the second floor of a building in Malaysia, on 24 June.

Why Was the Newborn Boy Thrown Off a Building?

boy thrown off a building

The newborn boy thrown off a building was taken to the hospital, but is in critical condition.

According to The Straits Times, the owner of a nearby restaurant where the incident happened was the one who discovered the baby. The owner said that he heard a loud bang, and was surprised to find a baby on the road.

The restaurant owner then rushed the tiny baby to hospital for emergency care. The boy is now recovering in the hospital, but is in a critical condition.

Kajang deputy OCPD Superintendent Mohd Sabri Abdullah shared, “He quickly wrapped the baby with a cloth and brought him to a nearby clinic. The baby was then transferred to Kajang Hospital. He is in critical condition.”

Shortly after, a woman was detained by the police as a potential suspect.

“We are investigating the case under Section 317 of the Penal Code for abandoning a child below the age of 12,” Supt Mohd Sabri added.

What Should You Do If You Find an Abandoned Newborn?

1. Call the authorities

If you discover an abandoned newborn, make sure to report the incident to the authorities so that they would be able to conduct a proper investigation.

2. Keep the child warm or cool

It’s also important to keep the child at a stable temperature. On a hot day, try to keep them cool, and if they feel cold, wrap them up to keep them warm.

3. Check if they have any injuries

Another thing that you need to do would be to check for injuries. That way, you can quickly inform doctors about the child’s injuries.

4. Take them to the hospital as soon as possible

Lastly, make sure to get the child to a hospital or clinic as soon as possible. The child’s life might depend on how quick you can take them to emergency care.

We hope this tiny baby recovers. Let’s not be quick to judge why the woman – if she was his mother – did this. Post-natal depression could be a potential reason and shows why we need to take it very seriously. 

Meanwhile, if you feel someone you know (or yourself) might be suffering from post-natal depression, please don’t think you are alone. 



Source: Straits Times

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