Cord blood banking

Cord blood banking

After your delivery, you can choose to store your baby's stem-cell rich umbilical cord blood.

Cord blood banking in Singapore

Cord blood and cord lining banking – what is it and why should you consider it? Here’s all about cord blood banking in Singapore.

cord blood banking in singapore

Cord blood banking

After your delivery, you can choose to store your baby’s stem-cell rich umbilical cord blood.

Stem cells have the potential to develop into different types of blood cells, which can be used effectively to replace diseased ones.

Right now, close to 50 diseases – many of them rare – can be treated with cord blood transplants and the list is only growing.

Where to Store?

You can store it publicly at The Singapore Cord Blood Bank, or privately at CordLife or Stemcord

As a public cord blood bank, The Singapore Cord Blood Bank does not charge cord blood donors for its services. However, as the cord blood is donated altruistically, the donor relinquishes any claims to it after donation.

Private cord blood banking, which comes at a high fee on the other hand, is the only way most families can save their baby’s cord blood exclusively for their family.

To find out more about Umbilical Cord Blood watch this video:

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