Maternity hospitals in Manila for 2020: Maternity packages and rates

Maternity hospitals in Manila for 2020: Maternity packages and rates

Whether it’s a normal or C-section delivery that awaits you, it pays to know the costs and inclusions of your hospital’s maternity package.

Maternity package rates from over 40 maternity hospitals in Metro Manila

Are you “infanticipating” and giving birth this year?  Lessen your worries on D (delivery)-day by knowing how much the maternity package in the Maternity hospitals in Manila!

Check out these maternity package rates and estimated delivery costs from 45 Maternity hospitals in Manila. Keep in mind, however, that these prices:

  • are subject to change
  • are meant for uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries
  • do not yet include PhilHealth benefits unless stated otherwise
  • are generally for pregnant women who are already patients of the hospital or whose doctor works there
  • have different inclusions
  • normally cover one to two days hospital stay for normal delivery and three to four days hospital stay for Caesarean Section delivery

Maternity hospitals, package and rates in Metro Manila for 2020 | Image from Freepik

For a more agreeable hospital stay, it is best to discuss birthing package fees and details with your obstetrician-gynecologist. Here’s the list of Maternity hospitals in Manila for safe and smooth sailing deliveries for all moms-to-be!

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Maternity hospitals, package and rates in Metro Manila for 2020


A. Zarate General Hospital
Naga Road, Atlas Compound, Las Piñas
Tel. No.:  874-6903

Normal Delivery, private room – P35,000
Caesarean Section, private room – P70,000

Christ the King General Hospital
130 Real Street, Pamplona, Las Piñas
Tel. No.: 873-1119

Normal Delivery:
Ward – P26,000 to P29,000
Semi-private room – P30,000 to P33,000
Private room – P38,000 to P45,000

Caesarean Section:
Ward – P40,000 to P50,000
Semi-private room – P50,000 to P55,000
Private room – P60,000 to P70,000

Rates are net of PhilHealth benefits.

Golden Acres Doctors Hospital 
Block 5, Lot 5 Crystal Street, Golden Acres Subdivision, Talon V, Las Piñas
Tel. No.:  806-0039

Normal Delivery:
Ward – P22,000 to P25,000
Private room – P25,000 to P28,000

Caesarean Section:
Ward – P65,000 to P75,000
Private room – P75,000 to P80,000


Makati Medical Center
2 Amorsolo Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City
Tel. No.: 888-8999

Normal Delivery, small private room – P102,300
Caesarian Section, small private room – P145,200

Maria Lourdes Maternity Hospital
1076 Don Chino Roces Avenue, Makati
Tel. No.:895-3846

Normal Delivery, ward – P18,000 to P20,000
Caesarian Section, ward – P21,000 to P23,000

Rates are net of PhilHealth benefits.

Ospital ng Makati (OSMAK)
Sampaguita Street corner Gumamela Street, Barangay Pembo, Makati
Tel. No.:  882-6316

Free for residents of Makati who have the Makati Health Plus Program. Or Yellow Card and whose hospital bill is lower than P5,000. A Yellow Cardholder pays P200 if her hospital bill exceeds P5,000.

St. Claire’s Medical Center
1838 Dian St., Barangay Palanan, Makati City
Tel. No.: 831-6511

Normal Delivery, ward – P50,000 to P60,000
Caesarean Section, ward – P100,000


Dr. Victor R. Potenciano Medical Center
163 EDSA, Mandaluyong
Tel. No.: 464-9999

Normal Delivery:
Ward – P48,000+
Semi-private room – P59,000+
Private room – P73,000+

Caesarean Section:
Ward – P65,000+
Semi-private room – P77,000+
Small private room – P90,000+

Rates are net of PhilHealth benefits.

Mandaluyong City Medical Center
Boni Avenue corner Sto. Rosario St., Barangay Plainview, Mandaluyong
Tel. No.: 532-0480, 532-2563, 532-2781

Normal Delivery, charity ward – P2,000 to P3,000 (Delivery room charges only)

Unciano General Hospital
393 Boni Ave., Mandaluyong City
Tel. No.: 533-6565 to 66

Normal Delivery, ward – P45,000
Caesarean Section, ward – P60,000
Add P5,000 to P10,000 for a private room.

Rates are net of PhilHealth benefits.


Maternity hospitals, package and rates in Metro Manila for 2020 | Image from Unsplash


Manila Doctors Hospital
667 United Nations Avenue, Ermita, Manila
Tel. No.: 558-0888

Normal Delivery, ward – P37,300
Caesarean Section, ward – P50,300

Mary Johnston Hospital
1221 Juan Nolasco Street, Tondo, Manila
Tel. No.: 254-4021

Normal Delivery, ward – P13,000 to P15,000
Caesarian Section, ward – P25,000 to P30,000

Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital
46 P. Sanchez Street, Sta. Mesa, Manila
Tel. No.: 716-8001 to 20

Normal Delivery:
Ward – P45,000
Regular Private – P60,000

Caesarian Section:
Ward – P70,000
Regular Private – P80,000

Perpetual Succor Hospital & Maternity
836 Florentino Cayco St., Sampaloc, Manila
Tel. No.: 731-1631 to 33

Normal Delivery:
Ward – P10,000 to P12,000
Private Room – P15,000 to 18,000

Caesarian Section:
Ward – P15,000 to P18,000
Private Room – P25,000 to P30,000

Rates are for hospital stay only and are net of PhilHealth benefits; doctors’ fees are not included.


Immaculate Conception Hospital
15 Katipunan Street, Sto. Niño, Marikina
Tel. No.: 941-9362

Normal Delivery, ward – P25,000
Caesarian Section, ward – P65,000

Marikina Valley Medical Center
Sumulong Highway corner Aguinaldo St., Marikina City
Tel. No.: 682-2222

Normal Delivery:
Ward – P11,000+
Private Room – P14,000+

Caesarian Section:
Ward – P21,000+
Private Room – P24,000+

Rates do not include doctors’ fees and incidental expenses.

St. Victoria Hospital
444 J.P. Rizal St., Marikina
Tel. No.: 942-2022

Normal Delivery, ward – P20,000 to  P30,000
Caesarian Section, ward – P50,000 to P60,000

Rates are net of PhilHealth benefits.


Alabang Medical Center
Alabang-Zapote Road across Madrigal Business Park, Ayala Alabang Village, Muntinlupa
Tel: 807-8189, 850-8498, 850-8719

Normal Delivery, regular private room – P35,000
Caesarean Section, regular private room – P95,000

Asian Hospital and Medical Center
2205 Civic Drive, Muntinlupa
Tel. No.: 771-9000

Normal Delivery – P50,000 to P70,000
Caesarian Section ­– P70,000 to P80,000

Delivery room charges only; doctors’ fees, room and board and other maternity expenses are not included.

Medical Center Muntinlupa
38 National Road, Muntinlupa
Tel. No.: 862-0162

Normal Delivery, ward = P45,000
Caesarian Section, ward = P75,000 to P80,000


Olivarez General Hospital
Dr. A. Santos Avenue,  Sucat,  Parañaque
Tel. No.: 826-7966, 826-5035, 825-8747

Normal Delivery, ward – P35,000 to P40,000
Caesarean Section, ward – P60,000 to P71,000

Parañaque Doctors Hospital
175 Doña Soledad Avenue, Parañaque
Tel. No.: 776-0644

Normal Delivery, private room – P60,000 to P80,000
Caesarian Section, private room – P80,000 to P100,000

Protacio Hospital
484 Quirino Avenue, Tambo, Parañaque
Tel. No.: 852-2953, 852-1181

Normal Delivery, ward – P32,000*
Caesarean Section, ward – P80,000*
*all-in: inclusive of taxes and professional fees

Sta. Rita De Baclaran Hospital
972 G.G. Cruz Street,  Parañaque
Tel. No.: 831-7005 to 06

Normal Delivery, ward – P35,000
Caesarean Section, ward – P80,000

Rates are net of PhilHealth benefits.


Adventist Medical Center Manila
1975 Donada Street, Pasay City
Tel. No.: 525-9191, 523-9450

Normal Delivery:
Ward – P34,000
Private room – P50,000

Caesarian Section:
Ward – P52,000
Private – P82,000

Rates are net of PhilHealth benefits.


Maternity hospitals, package and rates in Metro Manila for 2020 | Image from Unsplash


Mary Immaculate Hospital
E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Bagong Ilog, Pasig City
Tel. No.: 671-3928

Normal Delivery, any room – P40,000 to 45,000
Caesarian Section, any room – P85,000 to P90,000

Rizal Medical Center
425 Pasig Boulevard, Pasig City
Tel. No.: 671-9740, 865-8444

Normal Delivery, charity ward – P3,000
Caesarean Section, charity ward – P11,400

The Medical City
Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City
Tel. No.: 988-1000, 988-7000, 635-6789

Normal Delivery, ward – P69,400
Caesarian Section, ward – P109,000


Ann Francis Mother and Child Hospital
606 Quirino Highway, Bagbag, Novaliches, Quezon City
Tel. No.: 938-9424, 936-3256

Normal Delivery, ward – P22,000 to P25,000

Dr. Jesus Delgado Memorial Hospital
7 Kamuning Road, Diliman, Quezon City
Tel. No.: 925-2991

Normal Delivery:
Ward –  P15,000 to P20,000
Private room – P35,000 to P40,000

Caesarean Section:
Ward – P35,000 to P40,000
Private room – P50,000 to P60,000

Rates do not include doctors’ fees.

FEU-NRMF Hospital
Regalado Avenue, West Fairview, Quezon City
Tel. No.: 427-0213

Normal Delivery, pay ward – P36,000
Caesarian Section, pay ward – P50,000

Rates are net of PhilHealth benefits.

St. Luke’s Medical Center
279 E. Rodriguez Sr. Boulevard, Quezon City
Tel. No.: 723-0101, 727-5583 to 86

Normal Delivery, ward – P65,800
Caesarean Section, ward – P108,800

Sta. Teresita General Hospital
100 D. Tuazon corner N. Roxas Streets, Quezon City
Tel. No.: 781-0301 to 06

Normal Delivery, air conditioned semi-private room – P18,500
Caesarean Section, airconditioned semi-private room – P28,500

Rates are net of PhilHealth benefits.

UERM Memorial Hospital
64 Aurora Blvd., Doña Imelda, Quezon City
Tel. No.: 715-0861 to 77

Normal Delivery:
Ward – P30,000
Private room – P60,000 to P70,000

Caesarean Section:
Ward – P50,000
Private room – P100,000

Rates do not include doctors’ fees.

World City Medical Center
960 Aurora Blvd., Quezon City
Tel. No.: 913-8380

Normal Delivery:
Ward – P45,300
Private room – P55,000

Caesarean Section:
Ward – P65,000
Private room – P80,000

Rates are net of PhilHealth benefits.


Cardinal Santos Medical Center
10 Wilson Street, Greenhills West, San Juan
Tel. No.: 727-0001

Normal Delivery:
Small private room with local anesthesia – P26,000+
Small private room with epidural anesthesia – P35,000+

Caesarean Section, small private room – P38,500+

Rates do not include doctors’ fees.

San Juan Medical Center
N. Domingo Street, San Juan
Tel. No.: 725-9804, 725-9247

Normal Delivery, private room – P15,000+
Caesarian Section, private room – P20,000+

Residents of San Juan who have a San Juan Health Card are entitled to lower rates and can stay in the ward.
Rates do not include doctors fees.

St. Martin de Porres Charity Hospital
70 A. Bonifacio St., Kabayanan, San Juan
Tel. No.: 723-0741 to 43

Normal Delivery, private room = P25,000 to P30,000
Caesarian Section, private room = P50,000 to P60,000


Cruz-Rabe Maternity & General Hospital
37 Gen. Luna Street, Tuktukan, Taguig
Tel. No.: 642-3433, 642-2796

Normal Delivery, private room – P25, 000 to P30,000
Caesarean Section, private room – P70,000 to P80,000

Dr. Sabili General Hospital & Health Services
313 Gen. Santos Avenue, Lower Bicutan, Taguig
Tel. No.: 837-0917

Normal Delivery, any room – P25,000
Caesarean Section, any room – P50,000 to P60,000

St. Luke’s Medical Center – Global City
Rizal Drive corner 32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Tel. No.: 789-7700

For first-time moms:
Normal Delivery, semi-private room – P68,900
Caesarean Section, semi-private room – P112,500

Can be paid in installments (9 months)


Calalang General Hospital
MacArthur Highway, Valenzuela City
Tel. No.: 291-6801 to 02

Normal Delivery – P25,000 and above
Caesarean Section – P80,000 to P100,000

Fatima Medical Center
120 McArthur Highway, Valenzuela
Tel. No.: 293-2703 to 04

Normal Delivery – P30,000 to P40,000
Caesarean Section – P60,000 to P80,000

Delivery room rates only; doctors’ fees, room and board and other maternity expenses are not included.

John Paul Hospital
2626 Ponce Street, Valenzuela City
Tel. No.: 361-8959

Normal Delivery:
Ward –  P13,500
Private room with fan –  P18,000
Private room, air conditioned –  P22,000

Caesarean Section:
Ward –  P31,000
Private room with fan –  P35,400
Private room, air conditioned –  P40,900

Rates are net of PhilHealth benefits.


In which hospital did you deliver your little bundle of joy?  Let us know your reviews of the Maternity hospitals in Manila in the comments section below.


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