Ben Affleck says he and ex-wife Jennifer Garner are ‘on great terms’

Ben Affleck says he and ex-wife Jennifer Garner are ‘on great terms’

They have been separated for nearly a year but the two still live under one roof with their three kids

In response to Jennifer Garner’s latest interview with Vanity Fair where she exposed details about their split, Ben Affleck sat down with the New York Times saying it’s all “fine" with him.

"She's allowed to talk about it," said the 43-year-old Oscar-winning actor/director. "She felt like she wanted to discuss it and get it out there and get it over with and so she could say, 'Look, I already talked about it – I don't want to do it again.' "

Jennifer, in the said interview, called Ben the love of her life and admitted that the end of their marriage "hurt so much”.

"He's the most brilliant person in any room,” Jennifer added. “The most charismatic, the most generous. He's just a complicated guy. I always say, 'When his sun shines on you, you feel it.' But when the sun is shining elsewhere, it's cold. He can cast quite a shadow."

She also mentioned Ben’s affair with their nanny, which is a controversy Ben still denies. But clarified that this had nothing to do with their decision to separate.

"We had been separated for months before I ever heard about the nanny," she said. "She had nothing to do with our decision to divorce. She was not a part of the equation. Bad judgment? Yes."

Despite the heartbreak, the two maintain an amicable relationship, mostly for the sake of their three kids: Violet, 10, Seraphina, 7, and Sam, 4.

The two have recently spotted out in public, but Ben made sure to clarify that these aren’t “for show”.

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"Jen's great. She's a great person,” added Ben. "We're on great terms. I just saw her this morning, so that's the reality that I live in."

They both still live under one roof and selling their family home hasn’t been easy.

Ben is busy promoting his latest film ‘Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ but Jen and their kids plan to visit him in Europe when he starts filming the much anticipated film, ‘Justice League’.

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