5 Reasons why married couples should still masturbate

5 Reasons why married couples should still masturbate

The benefits of masturbation don't just apply to those who are single, even married couples can use practicing self-love to their advantage. Here's how!

For the past few years, exploring one's own body and giving oneself sexual pleasure has become less taboo, as many are learning the health benefits of masturbation.

Those who are not in a relationship may use this practice as a way of satisfying their sexual needs. But what about those who are married? Is it no longer needed once you are in a committed, intimate relationship?

The benefits of masturbation

The benefits of masturbation don't end once a relationship starts. Here are some ways it can even boost intimacy in marriage.

1. It boosts sexual confidence

Exploring your own body and knowing what gives it pleasure can give you a sense of empowerment.

"Masturbation gives both people permission to be their own person. It invites autonomy," sex coach and educator Dawn Serra tells SheKnows.

2. It lessens pressure

Being able to pleasure yourself helps you manage your expectations. No longer is the burden solely on your husband or wife, making sex more enjoyable. The climax or reaching orgasm isn't your sole focus, but you start to enjoy the many little arousing things your partner does.

comfortable during sex

3. It helps you practice self-care

Self-love is a form of self-care. Though it should not be overdone, masturbation can help men and women orgasm 1 to 3 times a week, which has been found to be beneficial to one's health. There should be no guilt or shame when it comes to masturbating, it's perfectly natural and has no side effects.

4. It improves intimacy

Not only does it help you figure out what you want in bed, it can boost sexual pleasure, making your body more receptive to your partner's touch. For men, masturbating gently and with caution is recommended, so as not to decrease sensation. It also helps you get aroused and ready for satisfying sex with your partner.

5. It relaxes you and helps you sleep better

The right amount of masturbation can provide stress release and promotes relaxation.

"Masturbation reduces stress and facilitates better sleep. The reason for this is based on science," Dr. Fran Walfish, a psychotherapist, explains to SheKnows. "Exciting yourself lowers blood pressures and raises endorphins, the chemicals responsible for helping to ease stress and increase relaxation."

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