Strike While the Iron is Hot?

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The financial market has been through a roller-coaster ride for the past weeks and many funds have dropped to their lowest point since the past couple of years. Is it wise to invest now?


The financial market has been through a roller-coaster ride for the past weeks with the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the recent event at American International Group (AIG). Many funds have dropped to their lowest point since the past two to three years. Is it wise to invest now

Before you focus on growing your wealth through investing, it is important to ensure that you are already financially protected as this lays the foundation for solid financial planning and enables you to weather any unexpected storms in life. For instance, have you set aside at least three to six months of your expenses as emergency funds? Also, are you adequately prepared to cope with situations such as illnesses or hospitalisation?

No one really knows if the market has bottomed out or could dip even further. What we know for sure is that markets will continue to rise and fall, as certain as sunrise and sunset. In times like these, the key investing principle to bear in mind is to spend time in the market and not try to time the market. It pays to invest on a regular basis and leverage on the concept of dollar cost averaging to buy low now and sell high later when the market recovers.

Also, you would need to consider the duration in which you plan to invest and the risks that you're prepared to take for your desired level of returns, as these factors could determine what your investments should be and the asset allocation that best suits your financial goal.

Do speak to your financial planner to review your needs and build a customised investment portfolio that helps you to achieve your objectives.

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