Best Family Friendly Beach Resorts in Batangas for Vacation!

Best Family Friendly Beach Resorts in Batangas for Vacation!

Take a trip to one of these resorts and give your family a vacation they’ll always remember!

Batangas remains one of the top destinations because of its close proximity to Manila and its beautiful beaches. In fact, there are so many beach resorts in Batangas that it is sometimes overwhelming to plan a trip as you may find yourself wanting to stay in all of them. And because Batangas is a huge province, the beaches will present different views of the ocean that are all equally breathtaking.

Many Batangas beach resorts pride themselves in having the best view of the sea and being equipped with the best amenities, but are they child-friendly? Kiddie pools, water activities, a kid-friendly menu and wide open spaces are some of the things that we parents consider when choosing where to stay for a weekend getaway.

Batangas beach resorts offer snorkeling and scuba diving activities since they're located near coral reefs. If your kids have finished their swimming lessons and are looking for a cool adventure, snorkeling is one to try. So be sure to bring the rash guard, sun block and snorkel gear before heading to the Batangas beach resort of your choice.

1. Acuaverde Beach Resort

Acuaverde has one of the best locations in the entire barangay of Laiya, located in the town of San Juan. There are many water activities like banana boat and pedal boat for the entire family to try, as well as recreational activities for those who prefer to stay dry. The kids will certainly enjoy the playground.

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2. Vivere Azure

For a relaxing family vacation, Vivere Azure is a nice and quiet place where you can spend time with the kids. Get lost on land as you wander off in the resort proper or fall in love with marine life as you snorkel in the dive-friendly waters of Anilao. There’s an infinity pool with a spectacular view of the sea and many private cabanas where you can enjoy quiet time with the family.

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3. Matabungkay Beach Hotel

This resort is best suited for sporty and active families. Aside from the water activities like kayaking, there are also basketball and tennis courts for sporty moms and dads. If you’re looking for fun for the entire family, then try playing in their laser tag field and get messy!

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4. Aiyanar Beach Resort

Located in the barangay of Anilao, Aiyanar is one of the newest resorts in Batangas. Known for being a place for divers, it can still accommodate beach lovers and families. They have a spacious garden and an infinity pool. And the kids will always have something to do while mom and dad decide to go scuba diving. Foodies will certainly enjoy the delicious fare that is prepared by gourmet restaurant Sweet Bella.

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