5 Best sex positions for sneaking a quickie

5 Best sex positions for sneaking a quickie

Busy parents, you might find yourself turning to quickies more often. But double the rush means double the fun, as these positions prove!

No need to be shy about it, parents: sometimes all you have time for is a quickie. You’ve got insane schedules and curious kids with a knack for bursting in at the worst moments — slow, sensual lovemaking is a thing of the past. But hey, just because it’s quick doesn’t mean it can’t feel great. Done right, quickies can be amazingly hot and may even remind you of your younger, wilder days sneaking about! Here are some of the best positions for a quickie that will guarantee the big O.

5 Sex positions for a quickie (orgasm guaranteed)!

1) Doggy style

Thanks to the angle of penetration, this position is amazing for those deep, G-spot-hitting thrusts. He’s guaranteed to hit your pleasure spot every time, putting you on the fast track to a mindblowing climax.

How to do it: Ladies, support yourself on your hands and knees, while your partner enters you from behind. Tip: to take the weight off your hands, you may want to rest your head and arms on a soft pillow instead.

2) Cowgirl

Another great position for hitting the G-spot, this position gives the woman on top more control in finding the best angle. Slow and steady or hard and fast — you know how you like it.

How to do it: Have your man lie back or sit leaning against a vertical surface while you straddle him.

positions for a quickie

When it comes to positions for a quickie, keep it simple and have fun with it!

3) Against the wall

Sex standing up may sound uncomfortable, but don’t knock it till you try it. This position is best for shower funtime, or those moments when you just can’t wait to get to a bed.

How to do it: Ladies, lean against the wall and wrap one leg around your partner as he faces you (or both legs, if he’s strong enough!)

positions for a quickie

It’s true though, you don’t really need much space to enjoy sex positions for a quickie!

4) X marks the spot

With your legs crossed in this position, his thrusts will be extra-snug. Both of you get all the benefit of the extra friction, guaranteeing a fast but toe-curling finish. Tip: you might prefer a soft surface for this, but a table or kitchen counter will work just as well.

How to do it: Lie back while he stands between your legs, then lift your legs in the air and cross them over in an X. Support your ankles on his shoulders, or tuck your bent knees nearer your chest for deeper stimulation.

positions for a quickie

For sex positions for a quickie, remember: X marks the spot!

5) Lotus position

Never has the name of a position sounded so romantic. The lotus position ensures minimal noise for when the kids are in the next room (it happens to the best of us, parents!)

The position also offers a thrilling amount of intimacy, with you and your partner wrapped around each other like swans. Your climax, when it comes, will definitely be sensual and passionate.

How to do it: Have your partner cross his legs in the traditional lotus position, while you sit in his lap facing him. Slip your legs about his waist and wrap your arms around him. As he enters you, capture his lips in a passionate kiss.

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