7 Great bonding ideas for the entire family

7 Great bonding ideas for the entire family

Get your family closer together by trying out these 10 great bonding ideas for the entire family!

For a lot of busy moms and dads, it's hard to find enough time to spend with their family. So, why not make each moment matter by trying out these 10 great bonding ideas for the entire family!

1. Make a family film

These days, smartphones and tablets can record really good quality videos. So as a fun family activity, why not try making your own film? You can ask the kids on what type of film they want, and then let them take the reigns!

Another great idea would be to interview your family as well as your relatives and ask them about their stories, their lives etc., and record it, so that future generations of your family will know your stories. We're sure that your kids will love this idea!

2. Let the kids decide

Try mixing things up by celebrating a special day for your kids where they're the ones who decide on what activities to do!

You can go out to watch a movie that they've always wanted to see, or to a museum they've always wanted to visit. Put the kids in control of the activities, and you'll be surprised at how much fun you and your spouse will be having! Sometimes, it's really great to just be like a kid again.

3. Take care of a family garden

There's nothing better for bonding than taking care of something. So why not start a family garden? You can assign tasks and responsibilities to your kids, so that they can learn how to take care of plants as well as be responsible for another living thing.

The great thing with plants is that they tend to be more low maintenance than pets, so if you want to teach your child responsibility and bond with them, it's a great way to start.

4. Cook meals together

Teaching your kids how to cook is not only a great bonding activity, but it's also a great way to teach them basic life skills. Start with something simple, like frying eggs, or hotdogs for breakfast, and then you can go on to more complicated recipes.

If your kids have a sweet tooth, you can also try baking cookies, brownies, or even a cake with them! Who knows, maybe you have a great chef in-the-making?

5. Engage in family sports!

There are a lot of sports that you can involve your family in. You can try biking, running marathons, basketball, soccer, etc. Sports keep you and your family fit, and also helps build teamwork and camaraderie between family members!

6. Take a hike together

For the more adventurous families, taking a hike together is a great way to bond! Not only are you exposed to the wonders of nature, your kids will also be fit, and learn to appreciate nature better. There are a lot of simple hiking trips that you can visit here in the Philippines, and they're all amazing!

7. Make art together

For the more artistic families, why not try making art together? You can buy a big blank canvas, and you and your kids can work together to create a masterpiece!

Once it's done, you can hang it in your living room for everyone to see! Your kids will surely be proud of the work they've done, and they'll be inspired to make more art in the future.

Source: parents.com

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