How to Prepare a 5-Day Baon Plan for Busy Moms

How to Prepare a 5-Day Baon Plan for Busy Moms

Having a baon plan is important for moms, since it can help make it easier to plan daily meals ahead of time!

Mommies, it's that time of year again: Back to School season!

And you know what that means. Washing and ironing your kids' uniform, helping them study, and making sure that they go to bed early so they can go to school on time. It's practically like clockwork. But the biggest challenge yet? Waking up in the wee hours of the morning to prepare your kids' daily baon.

Now the challenge here isn't just waking up before your kids do. The real hurdle is coming up with a baon that is both healthy and tasty— something that your kids will finish in no time at all!

Well moms, we have a solution for you: baon plans!

There are many advantages to planning your kids' baon. For one, it's less stress on your part, it’s more efficient (less mess, yay!), and it's a great way to save on money.

Curious? Great! Here are 5 tips to consider when planning out your kids' meals, along with some recipes to get you started.

1. Invest in the right containers

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While plastic containers are adorable, you also need to consider if it can last a long time and if it's easy to clean. The smell of food tends to stick on plastic, which is why glass or metal containers work better. Just remember to be careful that it doesn't break!

2. Stews can last you a long way

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Stews are a chock-full of meat and vegetables— perfect for a balanced meal when paired with rice. They're also a good choice for meal preps, since they’re easy to cook (just throw everything in a pot and you’re good to go!), they last long in the freezer, and can easily be reheated without affecting its taste and flavor. Try a tomato-based menudo, afritada, or even a classic soy sauce dish like adobo, which you can level up with oyster sauce for extra sauciness and that added bite of sweetness.

3. Keep Things Simple

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The common misconception about baon plans—or any meal plan for that matter— is that it’s a grand affair that requires lots of planning, lots of elaborate meals and all that jazz. But it’s not! If anything, the simpler, the better. First, design a plan that use tried-and-tested recipes (save the experimenting for days when you’re not busy) that you know your kids will like, list down the ingredients you’ll need to buy, and stick to that list. Pretty straightforward and simple, right?

We want you to have fun and to be less stressed while fixing up your kids’ baon. The last thing we want is for you to get overwhelmed.

4. Upcycle Leftovers into Great Meals

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Kids often get bored with the same ulam, and while it is ambitious to prepare something different every day, that can be costly in the long run. A great hack that you can consider is upcycling. You can turn one day’s ulam into another delicious dish, and your kids won’t even notice! Try cooking a garlicky Gambas dish, which you can cook into an omelet the next day and chop up to add to fried rice after. Leftover veggies can be transformed into a creamy soup just by blending them together with some potatoes.

5. Always have a versatile bottled marinade ready

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On days when you can’t think of anything to make, or moments when you’re pressed for time, a versatile barbecue marinade proves itself handy. Just add it on some meat, mix, and cook as needed. Voila— restaurant-quality food made easy!

Here are some tried and tested recipes to get you started:

1. Chicken Barbecue Satay Style by Say Alonzo

Marinated chicken strips cooked in olive oil for a healthy touch. Baste the meat in the marinade, cook till the sauce reduces into a glaze, then skewer them, or eat as is. Quick, easy and yummy food!


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2. Pork Asado by Via Austria

An oriental take on roast pork, this dish is easy to make because it doesn’t require a ton of ingredients and complicated steps. Plus, it’s a sweet, savory and smoky dish that kids will enjoy.


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3. Adobo by Nicole Dela Cruz

A well-loved take on the classic Filipino dish, this recipe is guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone’s face. This dish is great for meal preps, since it’s versatile, easy to prepare and can keep for a long time in the freezer.


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4. Pan-glazed Chicken BBQ by Ava Nicole Te-Zabat

Guaranteed to make even the pickiest eater polish off his plate, this hassle-free pan-glazed chicken is a sure crowd pleaser! It only takes 40 minutes to prepare too, which is definitely a bonus!


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5. Ribs by Melissa Ricks

Nothing says finger-licking goodness like Baby Back Ribs. Looks and tastes great too, with minimal fuss and easy steps to follow. You can make these ribs baon-friendly by shredding the meat and using it as a filling for a delicious Pulled Pork Barbecue Sandwich. You can even serve it with rice and some veggies if your kids prefer it that way!


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#MulasaKusinaniMamaSita, Mama Sita’s BBQ Marinade makes things easy for all moms out there! It's fuss-free! Plus, you don’t need to worry about measuring anything. Just open and pour on to your meat, and you’re ready to cook! It’s a versatile and handy ingredient to keep inside your pantry.

And if you want to shake things up, just add in a few more ingredients. That way, you can go beyond the basic barbecue to create culinary delights that will impress your kids!

How do you plan your kids’ baon for the week? Let us know in the comments below!

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