7-year-old boy from Pasig was run over by a garbage truck

7-year-old boy from Pasig was run over by a garbage truck

According to the boy's father, his son "was just playing" when he was run over by the garbage truck.

A 7-year-old boy from Pasig City was killed after being run over by a garbage truck.

According to the police report, the 7-year-old, who was identified as Ryan Afable, was out playing with a friend when the garbag truck ran him over.

The boy was immediately rushed to Pasig City General Hospital where he was treated for his injuries. But sadly, he wasn't able to make it.

"It was an accident"

Jerry Jumawan, the garbage truck driver, is currently under the custody of the Pasig Traffic Parking Management Office. He maintains that it was an accident.

According to Jumawan, "It was a dead-end so I had to reverse the truck. I still saw the child then but when I drove forward, I did not notice that he had moved to the front of the truck."

Currently, IPM, the subcontractor for the garbage trucks in Pasig, are trying to reach a settlement with the boy's family.

"He was a good son"

According to the boy's father, Ruben, a construction worker, "He was a good son. He was just playing." Ryan was also the youngest of 4 children.

The family has been devastated because of Ryan's untimely death.

Children should know how to be safe around vehicles

These days, more and more vehicles are out there on the road, which means that there's more risk for commuters and pedestrians should an accident happen.

That's why it's important for parents to teach their kids how to keep themselves safe around vehicles. Here are some tips:

  • Before crossing the road, always look both ways to ensure that there's no oncoming traffic.
  • Avoid getting too close to large vehicles such as trucks or buses, since the drivers might not be able to see you and accidentally run you over.
  • Always follow road signs, and only cross the street on the designated pedestrian crossings.
  • If possible, never cross the street alone, always cross the street with an adult, or seek help from a traffic enforcer.
  • Stay on the sidewalk as much as possible to avoid any oncoming traffic.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, and always be alert to danger.

Source: newsinfo.inquirer.net

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