New study shows that breast-fed kids might be less hyper than non breast-fed kids

New study shows that breast-fed kids might be less hyper than non breast-fed kids

Breastfeeding might make your kid less hyper, but the study also added that it doesn't necessarily make your child smarter.

All moms know that breastfeeding does wonders when it comes to the health of their kids. However, did you know that breast-fed kids tend to be less hyperactive compared to non breast-fed kids?

The effects were most significant at age 3

According to a recent study that was published in Pediatrics, children who were breastfed for at least six months when they were still babies tend to exhibit less hyperactive behavior compared to kids who weren't breast-fed.

The researchers add, "The effect is small, but it's there". However they were quick to add that the effects were most significant at age 3, and it gradually faded away by the time that the kids were 5.

They add, "the earlier observed benefit from breast-feeding may not be maintained once children enter school."

Breastfeeding might not make your kids smarter

Surprisingly, when it comes to the intelligence of the kids they tested, those who were breast-fed didn't have any significant advantage.

They admit that the kids who were breast-fed scored a little higher on the tests that they conducted, but it wasn't large enough to show any statistical significance.

Until now, researchers are still divided when it comes to the advantages of breastfeeding when it comes to cognitive ability, as a lot more studies have to be conducted in order to determine what role breastfeeding has when it comes to a child's intelligence.

Regardless, breastfeeding is still important

In spite of this, the researchers still stand by the fact that breastfeeding is very important, and all mothers should do their best to try and breastfeed their kids.

While breastfeeding might not necessarily make your kids smarter, breastfeeding helps keep your child healthy, boosts their immune system, and helps them develop well, especially if they're exclusively breast-fed during the first six months of their lives.

So moms, always do your best to try and exclusively breastfeed your babies during the first 6 months of their lives! That way, they grow up stronger, healthier, and more well-behaved.


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