LOOK: This mom breastfeeds in Target, gets wheeled around by husband like a princess

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The Solito family were having a seemingly normal day at Target when 15-month-old Emma started fussing. However, her 10-year-old sister was taking her time choosing the toys she would exchange for the gift cards she had gotten on her birthday, so the family couldn’t go home just yet, ABC News reports.

Like many breastfeeding moms, Danielle Solito knew that she had to nurse her baby in public to calm her down. Her husband Jason immediately got a cart so his wife could sit down while nursing little Emma.

Danielle’s mother-in-law, who had accompanied them, thought the sight hilarious. “[She was] cracking up,” Danielle told ABC News. “She was bending over she was laughing so hard. Then Emma props her foot up. She thought it was hilarious.”

Her mother-in-law took a photo, which Solito shared with the Breastfeeding Mama Talk (BFMT) Facebook page. As of this writing, the post has garnered over 13,000 likes, 770 shares, and over 500 comments—most of them, thankfully, positive.

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