Breastmilk confiscated at airport for security reasons!

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The distraught mother had to let go of almost a litre of breastmilk which she had expressed over a span of five days.

When Katie Langan carefully stored away the expressed breastmilk, little did she know that it will not reach her daughter. At the Heathrow airport, she was asked to let go of the milk for security reasons. The 33-year-old, who was on a break in London, was flying home to the Netherlands, to her bub, Layla and partner Winus Van Asselt.

Inspite of offering solutions like decanting the milk into approved containers, paying the extra baggage fee, and even pleading with the security personnel, the mom was forced to dump her milk.

According to a report, the distraught mother said, “I was totally heartbroken that I had to dump this breastmilk that I had put love and time into pumping. It is a chore but it’s a labour of love.” While there are certain regulations with regards to carrying breastmilk in aircrafts, as long as the dos and don’t are followed most airports allow it.

Apparently, she has travelled quite often over the past year for work through various airports, but she has never had any problems getting it through security. If lactating moms don’t continue to express milk when they are away from their babies, their supply gradually reduces. This means that once they are back, they cannot produce as much milk.

“It was extremely frustrating. It was either stand there and argue with him or miss my flight, which I didn’t want to do because I had been away from my baby,”  said Katie, as mentioned in this report.

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