Build Your Children’s Confidence at Home in 5 Simple Steps

Build Your Children’s Confidence at Home in 5 Simple Steps

Confidence is key to success. While at home, check out these 5 simple steps you can do to build your child's self-esteem.

Confidence plays an important role in children’s growth – it affects their health, social life, and future success. Now that you stay at home more with your children, your guidance is necessary in building their confidence. Here are 5 steps to get started.


Give them attention.

Make your children feel that you value their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Be all ears when they try to communicate with you. It also helps to share your personal thoughts – in this way, they will feel that you trust them.


Provide encouragement.

Acknowledge your children’s effort in different ways. Compliment them when they finish simple tasks like setting the table, tidying up their room, and other little things. But don’t forget to keep a healthy balance so they don’t grow wanting constant validation from other people. With the right amount of praise and encouragement, children will feel a confidence boost in what they do.


Refrain from comparing them to others.

Questions like “why can’t you be like your brother or sister?” will only do harm than good. Know that your children have different ways of doing things, and making other people the basis for excellence will make them lose confidence. Embrace their uniqueness and manage your expectations.


Help them express their feelings.

When you overlook your children’s feelings, they might think that their feelings don’t matter. Constantly educate them about the importance of being open, and give them a comfortable space to do so. Talk with them through their emotions, may it be positive or negative. This will aid them in processing too.


Find opportunities for them to be independent.

Build Your Children’s Confidence at Home in 5 Simple Steps
Confidence begins when your children learns that they can accomplish things on their own. It may be hard to let go of helping with their homework. But after-school programs like Kumon can give them a chance to find their footing - through
answering actual worksheets or through viewing worksheets via the My Kumon App!


Helping your children gain a confidence boost will help shape their life in big ways. With the support you give, they will surely grow into confident, successful individuals. It’s one of the best gifts that you can give as a parent. Develop your child's confidence for today's and tomorrow's successes through Kumon Study at Home, especially now with their Online New Student Promo ongoing. Contact the Kumon Center nearest you to know more!


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