Husband reimburses wife for 6 months' worth of breast milk

Husband reimburses wife for 6 months' worth of breast milk

Would you ever give your wife cash for breastmilk as a gift, dads? Read on to learn how a Japanese dad showed his appreciation for his wife in an unusual way.

Giving gifts to your wife is a way to show you love and appreciate them. While some husbands choose flowers or chocolate, others have more unconventional definitions of romance. Like this one Japanese dad who chose to give an unusual gift to his wife—cash for breastmilk!

Japanese dad gives wife cash for breastmilk on their son’s ‘halfy’ birthday

To mark their son’s 6th month of life, instead of giving their baby a gift, the dad chose to give his breastfeeding wife cash for breastmilk she produced since giving birth.

The mom was touched, taking to twitter to share their story. In the post, which was originally written in Japanese, the new mom thanked her husband.

According to her, her husband gave her 100,000 yen (SG$ 1,215) to reimburse her the milk she produced, which is almost to equivalent to how much formula would have cost them over 6 months.

As of this writing, her tweet has been shared over 69,000 times.

cash for breastmilk

The Japanese dad gave his wife cash for breastmilk over the course of 6 months equivalent to what formula would cost | screenshot: twitter

Breastfeeding support tips for dads (aside from giving cash for breastmilk)

While not all dads have the means to give cash for breastmilk, there are still ways they can support their wives through breastfeeding. Here are just some of them!

1. Know your newborn’s hunger cues

Just because you’re not breastfeeding doesn’t mean you should not develop the intuition to know when your child needs to be fed. You can even attend a breastfeeding class to further strengthen your knowledge. Not only will it give you breastfeeding tips and tricks, it will help you appreciate and understand your wife’s needs more.

2. Be there for your wife’s daily needs

All your knowledge has to be matched with action. You are your wife’s partner, even through her breastfeeding journey. Nursing your child does not have to be a solitary act. Nourishing your newborn doesn’t have to be a routine task, it can be a loving way for you to bond.

cash for breastmilk

Dads can support their wives through breastfeeding in loving ways aside from giving cash for breastmilk | image source: shutterstock

3. Learn how to clean up after feeding and around the house

To lighten your breastfeeding wife’s load, volunteer to clean up baby bottles, breast pumps, or nursing covers after feeding. You can also take over certain chores around the house. Breastfeeding takes effort and new moms need all the sleep they can get. Every little bit helps!

4. Go on diaper/burping duty when needed

Just because your wife breastfed doesn’t mean your baby’s digestive functions are her sole responsibility. Go on diaper duty or burp your baby (even without being asked!) This is one simple but special way to show how much you care, by relieving her of the little tasks that can be stressful if they accumulate. 

5. Be positive and encouraging 

Most of all, provide emotional support for your wife. Be her breastfeeding coach, as well as her cheerleader! Breastfeeding is different for every mom and it’s not without its struggles. 

Dads, you can do so much with even the littlest of gestures to make your wife feel truly special!

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