LOOK: 5 Gigil-worthy celebrity babies you should be following on Instagram!

LOOK: 5 Gigil-worthy celebrity babies you should be following on Instagram!

These adorable celebrity babies will surely turn your frown upside down!

With all the troubling news that appear on our feeds, it helps to switch gears once in a while and focus on positive things and good vibes--like these adorable celebrity babies who remind us that there is still beauty and goodness in the world!

1. Scarlet Snow Belo

The unica hija of celebrity doctors Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho just hit 1 million followers on instagram! If you're not part of the first million, you can still be part of the second. We're sure this adorable, smart, and funny baby's following will only grow as she does!

Follow Scarlet's adorable adventures, here!

2. Zia Rivera Dantes

The first baby of celebrity love team-turned-power couple Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera won hearts the moment her proud parents posted her first photo. Now a year old, Zia has marked many milestones and you can follow the various fan accounts devoted to her on instagram to share in the good vibes!

Get the latest updates on Baby Z, here!

Her eyes exude a different kind of joy whenever both Dad and Mama are home. #MariaLetizia #SummerHits

A post shared by Dingdong Dantes (@dongdantes) on

3. Primo Arellano

He's the baby boy of the funny and adventurous celebrity couple Iya Villania and Drew Arellano and it seems like he's taken after their silliness! He recently went on an Australian adventure and the photos are too cute for words!

While Drew and Iya mostly post photos of their little "prime minister" on their respective accounts, you can follow Primo's official account, too!

Uh-oh. Somebody's impressing the girls at the park. #theswinger #AussiePosse2017

A post shared by Drew Arellano (@drewarellano) on

4. Olivia Manzano Reyes

Fondly called baby O, little Olivia is the daughter of host Andi Manzano and businessman GP Reyes. A total of 288,000 people follow her verified instagram account. The 2-year-old recently learned to swim and use floaters all on her own! Her mom threw her a second birthday party at school. The theme? All things Mickey Mouse! Too cute!

You can follow baby O, here.

I swam by myself (with floaters) today ??

A post shared by Olivia Manzano Reyes (@oliviamreyes) on

5. Seve Gonzaga Soriano

Toni Gonzaga and director Paul Soriano's baby boy Severiano Elliott always has an adorable sleepy look on his face, which is reason enough to follow him. Plus, he loves being at the beach and drinking from coconuts! He now has 385,000 followers and his account was recently verified. So legit and cute!

You can follow baby Seve, here!

I'm too full to move...?

A post shared by Severiano Elliott (@severianoelliott) on

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