Proud celebrity parents mark their kid's graduation!

Proud celebrity parents mark their kid's graduation!

Congratulations to these studious celebrity kids, who truly made their hardworking parents proud!

When it comes to celebrating their kid's achievements, celebrity moms and dads are just like any parent. They also have their proud parent moments, which they happily share on Instagram.

This year, it was a true delight to see just how proud some of our favorite celebrity parents were during their kids' graduation and moving-up ceremonies.

These celebrity kids graduation photos and their parent's loving messages will warm your heart!

Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago's daughter Sabina

They might have had their differences, but former couple Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago showed their eldest daughter nothing but love on her graduation day.

On Instagram, Claudine shared just how emotional she was to know that her "amazing daughter" is crossing over from grade 8 to 9.

"Sab, thank you for being an amazing daughter, a straight-A student, a loving daughter, sister," wrote the mom of two. "[Whatever] you want to be, whatever your plans are, know that we are all behind you."

In the caption, she also reassured her daughter that she will always be there by her side through life's struggles.

Aiko Melendez' daughter Marthena

Actress Aiko Melendez shared how proud she is of daughter with former husband Martin Jickain, Marthena, who she fondly calls her "mini me."

Marthena will be entering grade 7 this coming school year at Saint Pedro Poveda College in Quezon City.

"You are blessed to be in a great school, not only did it mold you, of how you are today, But to never stop aiming for your dreams," she wrote on Instagram, promising that she will be there for her daughter no matter what challenges she will face.

Bernadette Allyson and Gary Estrada's daughter Gabbi

Another celebrity kid who moved up from Grade 6 to 7 in Poveda was Bernadette Allyson and Gary Estrada's daughter Gabbi.

The celebrity couple have been together for 17 years and have three daughters together.

"With my Gabbi this morning before going to her graduation ceremony. Congratulations to our dearest Gabbi!" gushed the celebrity mom in an Instagram post. "We are all very proud of you. I love you so much!"

Lotlot de Leon's daughter Maxine

Another celebrity kid who graduated from Poveda College is actress Lotlot de Leon's daughter Maxine.

The loving mom shared a photo with her daughter, who proudly showed off her certificate.

"Proud of you anak! Congratulations! I love you," wrote Lotlot on Instagram.

Sylvia Sanchez' daughter Gela

Another proud Povedan is Gela Atayde, the third child of actress Sylvia Sanchez.

"All smiles and beaming with pride for (Gela) on her moving up day. One of the rare occasions we are complete on a weekday morning," wrote the mom of four, whose other kids Arjo and Ria are also actors. "Congrats, Gelatin! We are so proud of you."

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Sunshine Cruz with daughters Angelina and Chesca

Sunshine Cruz was beaming during her daughter Angelina's moving up day on March 23. In the photo's caption, she took time to thank her boyfriend Macky Mathay for being there to show his support.

The next day, her youngest daughter Chesca graduated from grade 6 from the same school as her ate Angelina---De Las Salle Santiago-Zobel school in Alabang.

"My graduate. Congratulations! I love you my bunso," wrote the proud mom in the post's caption.

Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao's children Michael and Princess

Michael Pacquiao moved up to junior high school while his little sister Princess graduated from grade six from Hope Christian School in General Santos City.

"Congratulations my dear Princess and Michael," wrote mom Jinkee in an Instagram post. "Oh, how time flies fast!"

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Cherry Pie Picache's son Antonio

Award-winning actress Cherry Pie Picache was overjoyed to see her only son, Antonio, win awards of his own.

The brainy teen earned medals for academic and athletic excellence during his junior high school graduation at Ateneo De Manila University.

Jericho Rosales' son Santino

Jericho Rosales's teenaged son Santino graduated from high school a the Colegio San Agustin in Makati City.

"Dad's very proud. Love you," wrote the 38-year-old actor on Instagram.

Santino is the son of Jericho with former partner Kai Palomares.

Alma Concepcion's son Cobe

"Congrats (Cobe!) Welcome to College!" wrote the former beauty queen and actress on Instagram after her 18-year-old son with former partner Dody Puno, Cobe graduated from Ateneo de Manila High School over the weekend.

Congratulations to all the graduates of 2018! May you continue to make your parents' hard work worth it!

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