How celebrity parents prepare their nests for their newborns

How celebrity parents prepare their nests for their newborns

Take a peek at how Dingdong and Marian, JC and Bianca and other celebrity parents prepare for the arrival of their little ones.

Getting ready for the arrival of a little one is exciting and sometimes overwhelming. Nesting, or the urge prepare space and things for the baby, is an instinct that usually occurs during the last few weeks of pregnancy. Not all mothers experience this, but it sure is a good excuse to go shopping!

Let us take a peek at how some celebrity couples prepare their nests for their new arrivals.

Choosing the Perfect Items

Judy Ann Santos created a baby shower gift registry at the Pottery Barn. We're not sure which items made it but we did learn that the Agoncillo's are having a garage sale until next week - a good way to make space and earn a few bucks too.

Pretty in Pink

Marian Rivera showed how husband Dingdong Dantes was already hands-on, even before the birth of baby Z. The motif of the room is clearly pink and butterflies. Can you spot the following items? 1. Photo of parents 2. Two crosses 3. Walkie-talkie 4. At least 8 pairs of baby booties 5. Are those Hermes boxes?

Simple is Beautiful

All set for baby Lucia. Sorry daddy is just so excited!

A photo posted by John Christopher Intal (@jcintal7) on

JC Intal shared a black and white photo collage with a bulky bunch of baby things on top and, at the bottom, a simply styled nursery with a cozy cot, changing table and comfy recliner - perfect for nursing baby Lucia.

A Very Large Nest
Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan just announced the birth of their daughter, Max. Not only did they buy their favorite childhood things, but they are also intent on making the world a better place for their child to live in! Together with their birth announcement, the Facebook founder published an open letter addressed to Max declaring that he and his wife will donate 99% of their company shares to fund initiatives that will advance human potential and promote equality. We're sure glad we're in the same nest.

How did you prepare for your baby's birth?

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