LOOK: 4 Celeb moms who prove that you can be friends with your hubby’s ex

LOOK: 4 Celeb moms who prove that you can be friends with your hubby’s ex

Is it possible to form a bond with your husband's ex-partner? These classy celebrity moms think so! Find out more about their unlikely friendships, here.

Once you start a life with someone, you not only need to embrace their family, but you must also accept their past, which includes their former relationships. Though it can be daunting and difficult in some cases, it is actually possible to form genuine friendships with your partner’s former flame. Don’t believe us? Here are four classy and gorgeous celebrities who prove this is possible!

1. Regine Velasquez and Michelle Van Eimeren

Theirs is possibly the longest and most well known-friendships in the industry. After calling it quits with Ogie Alcasid, with whom she has two daughters, former beauty queen Michelle Van Eimeren flew back to her homeland Australia, where she eventually remarried. But she stayed in touch with her ex Ogie and even became friends with Regine Velasquez, who has been married to Ogie for 6 years. The two are so close that they are practically BFFs and co-parent admirably. Recently, Michelle lauded Regine for being the best stepmom to her daughter Leila!

LOOK: 4 Celeb moms who prove that you can be friends with your hubby’s ex

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2. Iwa Moto and Jodi Sta. Maria

Three years after she split from Pampi Lacson, with whom she has a son named Thirdy, Jodi Sta. Maria reached out to his current girlfriend Iwa Moto. Just a year before that, news broke of a feud between the two, but all that ended when Jodi tried to patch things up after Iwa gave birth to a daughter in 2013.

Since then, we’ve seen the gorgeous celeb moms share their family’s milestones, like having lunch out together to celebrate Thirdy’s graduation or simply hanging out in each other’s homes. Most recently, they were spotted rooting for Thirdy at his school’s basketball game. So adorbs!

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3. Nikka Garcia and Jennylyn Mercado

Homemaker, blogger and mom of two Nikka Garcia first opened up about the start of her friendship with her husband Patrick Garcia’s ex-girlfriend Jennylyn Mercado in a heartfelt, honest blog entry.

“I knew that I was not only going to have to learn how to have a relationship with Jazz, my husband’s son, but I would eventually have to have some kind of relationship my fiance’s former girlfriend, the mother of his child,” she wrote, adding how she has “nothing but respect for Jen because she is the mom of Jazz. I know my place in Jazz’s life. I am and always will be his Tita Nikka who loves and cares for him genuinely.”

Thus began a beautiful co-parenting journey that’s so inspiring!

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4. Meryll Soriano and Jerika Ejercito

Having a son with Bernard Palanca isn’t the only thing actress Meryll Soriano has in common with former president Estrada’s daughter Jerika. Aside from the fact that they were schoolmates, the two have maintained a close bond that’s endured the painful chapters of their lives.

The two classy moms have shared and celebrated many of their sons’ milestones together and their closeness gets even more inspiring as their sons grow up! Truly admirable.

LOOK: 4 Celeb moms who prove that you can be friends with your hubby’s ex

photo: Meryll Soriano instagram

How about you mommies, could you be friends with your hubby’s ex? Let us know in the comments below!

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