LOOK: Cesar Montano reunites with kids and what Sunshine thinks about it

LOOK: Cesar Montano reunites with kids and what Sunshine thinks about it

It's been over a year since Cesar Montano saw his kids with estranged wife Sunshine Cruz. But a chance encounter has reunited Cesar and his daughters. Read about their emotional reunion, here.

It was an emotional reunion for Cesar Montano and his three daughters with estranged wife Sunshine Cruz.

On July 11, Cesar and his daughters,  Angelina, Samantha, and Francesca, were brought together by fate in a chance encounter. A photo of their unexpected reunion was shared by Cesar on his Instagram account, with the actor clearly looking happy to be with his kids.

The three girls were also beaming after finally seeing their dad after over a year apart.

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All glory to God for my 3 beautiful daughters! @makeupbychacuyong @dollyanncarvajal @shirleypizarro

A photo posted by @cesar_montano on

Not an accident

According to Sunshine, she and her family were in Resorts World for her advanced birthday dinner, and it just so happened that Cesar was also in the area, along with his brother and some friends--just one or two restaurants away from Sunshine and company.

"Same time and same place pa kaya alam ko si God ang kumilos (so I know that it was God who was moving)," Sunshine said in a lengthy Facebook post that has since been deleted.

"The kids were tense but excited when they learned and saw their father. Hindi naman ako nagdalawang isip at inutusan ko ang kids na lapitan at halikan ang kanilang dad. (I did not hesitate to tell my kids to approach their dad and kiss him.)

"It was emotional. I heard from my best friend...," Sunshine revealed, adding that she did not accompany the girls to see Cesar, and instead waited for them nearby.

Hoping for the best

Despite the hurtful words flung on social media between these two, Sunshine said she is happy that the kids reconnected with their father.

"Masaya ako sa pangyayaring ito. (I am happy this happened.)," Sunshine said.

"I've always been vocal about the kids needing their father in their lives, but unfortunately, certain things happened that, as a mother, I needed to do what was right and protect my kids and respect their wishes," the actress said in the vernacular.

But the past is in the past, and Sunshine is looking forward to more harmonious relationships between the girls and Cesar.

"I'm hoping this will be the start of a better relationship of our kids and [their] father. We as parents need to remember na hindi ginusto ng mga bata na tayo ang maging magulang nila (...that our kids did not choose us to be their parents).

"I know our kids deserve a good life because they are wonderful children," she said.

Sunshine also made an appeal to Cesar not to bring certain people into the lives of their children.

"Sana maging maayos na talaga at sana huwag na muna ipilit na magkaroon ng relationship ang kids sa mga taong alam nya at alam nyang alam naming nakasakit sa kanila. Siya, ang tatlong bata at si Diego lang muna SANA. Dahan-dahan at baka maka apekto na naman kasi sa mga bata," Sunshine warned.

Diego is Cesar's son from a previous relationship.

(Hopefully everything works out and hopefully [Cesar] won't insist on the kids having a relationship with people [Cesar] knows and that we know can hurt the kids. He, the three kids, and Diego only for now. Slowly, because the kids may get affected again.)

"By the way, salamat sa cake (By the way, thanks for the cake.) Much appreciated yan," Sunshine ended, referring to Cesar's previous interview with the entertainment press, where the actor said he would be glad if Sunshine found a new boyfriend and jokingly added he would even send Sunshine a cake if that happens.

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