7 Challenges that make parenting very difficult

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Sometimes you still wonder if having kids was worth it to have given up on traveling the world or starting your own business.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that parenting is never easy; in fact, it’s a responsibility that a person carries for the rest of their life. Family Share lists down seven reasons—among many others—why parenting is the hardest job in the world.

1. Your health takes a huge toll

Parents are constantly tired and sleep deprived, and because of the limited time they have, they often eat food that are quick to make but aren’t the healthiest options for the body. In the end, their bodies suffer.

2. Your time with your spouse is slashed

No matter how much you miss your husband or wife, the time that you once spent with each other have been reduced thanks to the arrival of your children—often not in a good way. Finding time for your significant other has simply become part and parcel of being a parent.

3. You never get appreciation for all the work you do

“You stay up for hours washing the dishes or cleaning up the messes of the day, only to wake up early to make lunches for school,” says the Family share story. “But do you get any thanks for that PB&J sandwich without the crusts? No, it's just simply expected of you.”

4. Keeping up with the latest fashions and trends has become a low priority

As much as you want to buy a new shirt or a cute dress, at the back of your mind there will be that voice reminding you of the things you can buy for your children, like back-to-school supplies. So you stick with the wardrobe you have, and wear clothes that you’ve had for years.

5. You have to be the bad guy

“Growing up, whenever your parents did something mean you thought, ‘I'm never going to do that when I have kids!’ Until you realized that you have to do some of those mean things, like set a curfew, or send them back to dress in something more appropriate, or even, yes, make them eat their vegetables.”

6. You have to give up on some dreams

Sadly, many people give up their life-long dreams and goals to start a family and become parents. “Sometimes you still wonder if having kids was worth it to have given up on traveling the world or starting your own business,” the article says. “You hope those dreams are still a possibility in the future, but you often feel down on how it might have been and if it still could be.”

7. It isn't about you anymore

Being a parent means being responsible for the life of another human being, and making sure that they grow up the best version of themselves, equipped with good education and a solid moral code. With every decision you make, you will factor in your children’s wants and needs with your own. Once you become a parent, the focus of your life will shift to your kids.

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