Chesca Kramer, preparing her body for IVF and Baby #4!

Chesca Kramer, preparing her body for IVF and Baby #4!

Chesca Kramer revealed that she is preparing her body for IVF. She and husband Doug Kramer are planning to have another baby!

The Asian Parent was able to catch up with Chesca Garcia Kramer at the opening of Melonpan Ice at the Eastwood Citywalk 2. The beautiful mom of three revealed to us that she and husband Doug Kramer want to add to their brood!

"The kids are getting older na," says Chesca Garcia Kramer. "They also want babies, new siblings. Doug and I felt—because I rested for six years, and I feel great, maybe it's about time we try again."

She adds, "We have so much love to give!"

The Kramer kids—Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin—also want to have another sibling.

"I guess they're already at that age where they appreciate other kids, other babies. When their cousins come over, they want to take care of the babies. Actually, it's a request of Kendra. Kendra wants [another sibling]."

Chesca and Doug believe that now is the perfect time to have a fourth child because "the three kids are getting bigger and now they can help Mama and Papa with the new baby—if God blesses us with a new baby..."

Chesca Garcia Kramer: Ligation

But Chesca intimated that to be able to try for Baby #4, she will have to have an in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment. During the IVF, the egg is retrieved and fertilized outside of the body. Once fertilized, the embryo will be put in the womb, where it will hopefully implant and develop into a baby.

Chesca Garcia Kramer reveals that she needs the treatment "because I had myself ligated already."

After their third child, Gavin, was born, she decided to have a tubal ligation. The procedure usually involves having the fallopian tubes cut to block the sperm from meeting up with the egg.

"At that time, I was thinking that I didn't want anymore to have another baby kasi sunud-sunod, e," she admits. "Right after Scarlett, I got pregnant with Gavin. It was three to four months after giving birth."

Chesca was still breastfeeding Scarlett while she was pregnant with Gavin!

She adds, "So I was quite overwhelmed and I was really tired. And I felt that three is enough. But then who would've thought that six years after, I would want another child, di ba?"

In hindsight, Chesca says she and Doug should have prayed about it more since the procedure is irreversible.

"I was telling Doug, 'Maybe what we lacked was praying about it. While we consulted each other, maybe we should have prayed about it more and asked the Lord—is it part of His plan? Is it something He would will for us?' That was the thing that I think I missed out. I should have asked and prayed more about it."

But she clarified that although she was an overwhelmed mother of three kids, with ages ranging from 0 to toddler, she wouldn't have it any other way.

"I was really tired. But ginusto namin 'yan. Ginusto namin."

She adds, "Gavin is such a blessing. Having three kids has been such a blessing for our marriage. It has really strengthened our marriage and made everything complete, so excited to see how it would be to have an additional child or children in the family."

Chesca Garcia Kramer: IVF

Chesca tells us that she already went through the first step of the IVF process.

"I did first my blood test. We'll see from there what the doctor says, if there's a need to supplement myself. 'Cause I'm not exactly a spring chicken. I'm already going to be 39 years old in a few months. So i have to make sure that my body is able and capable to carry a healthy baby."

She adds, "So let's pray that the body will be healthy for baby."


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