Chesca Garcia Kramer's future love advice for Kendra and Scarlett

Chesca Garcia Kramer's future love advice for Kendra and Scarlett

"One day, somebody will try to get your attention. One day, somebody will try to flatter you," wrote Chesca, emphasizing the importance of not forgetting one important thing...

Many of us get emotional as we head into a new year and celebrity parents are no exception.

In her latest Instagram post, in which she shares stills from their latest family shoot, Chesca also shared about how much she loves her three kids: Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin.

This mother's love is, what she believes, is the same feeling that "God feels for us." "He longs for us and never wants to be separated from us," wrote the devout Christian mom in her post. "He delights in us and loves us infinitely."

She also reflected on wanting to be by her children's side at all times as they grow up.

"I love watching them, and being around them. When I watch my children... It makes me think of God's unconditional love for us, His children," marveled the mom-of-three. "I can not even begin to grasp the kind of love He has for us... More than our minds can ever comprehend. I know, I know how to love, because the one who created me is love Himself."

In a following post, she shared a heartfelt message for her two girls.

"One day, somebody will try to get your attention," began Chesca, "one day, somebody will try to flatter you. And, tell you all the beautiful things your little ears will want to hear."

"There is nothing wrong with that," she clarified, "but, never forget about self-respect. It begins with you. A simple reminder from the one who loves, and respects the two of you!"

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Despite her busy schedule, the celebrity mom manages to be totally hands-on, even accompanying her kids on field trips! The most recent of which was her eldest Kendra's Pizza Making field trip.

Both Kendra and Scarlett are honor students, but Chesca helps them learn the importance of excelling at home as well. A fun chore chart keeps them excited about helping out around the house. Plus: it's also an awesome way for them to bond!

Most importantly, the foundation of the Kramer household is their strong faith. Chesca often shares clips of her little one praying, which is a great way kids learn to be grateful even for the simplest things.

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