LOOK: Kendra and Scarlett Kramer are both honor students!

LOOK: Kendra and Scarlett Kramer are both honor students!

Proud parents Chesca and Doug Kramer shared the great news on Instagram! Check out their adorable posts, here!

The Kramer girls didn’t just inherit their mom’s Chesca’s beauty and charm, it seems they got her smarts, too!

The two studious cuties recently received merit certificates from their school, proud mom Chesca shared on Instagram.

"Congratulations to my darling Dollett [Scarlet]! Highest Honors! Wow!!! I am so proud of you!!!” wrote Chesca on Instagram, sharing a photo of her and Doug giving 5-year-old Scarlett sweet smooches on either cheek. "Mama and papa will always be here to support you and cheer you on! Love you darling!"

A week before her tribute post to Scarlett, she congratulated her eldest Kendra for bagging High Honors in her class, plus third donors in Chinese.

Her congratulatory post showed seven-year-old Kendra holding up her merit certificate proudly.

"High Honors and 3rd honor for Chinese! You make mama and papa so proud! I love you my Kendrakins!” gushed Chesca on Instagram.

"Do good not just for yourself, or only for your parents but above all do it for the glory of God! Good job Dolly!!" wrote proud Papa Doug in a sweet tribute collage her shared following the awarding ceremony.

Two years ago, daddy Doug shared this adorable clip of Kendra ready to go to school for the first time in uniform. It was also Scarlett's first day of school.

That same year, Doug stressed the importance of education. "Education should be a priority," he told the Inquirer. "above work and above a lot of things. When all is gone, what you’ll have left is your education."

The social media darlings make having it all look so adorable! Keep up the great work, Kendra and Scarlett.


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