6 Helpful tips to keep your child safe with their nanny

6 Helpful tips to keep your child safe with their nanny

It’s still important for parents to be actively aware of their nanny’s life and the things that go on in it.

Outside the immediate family, your nanny is perhaps the person that your children spend the most time with. That’s why it is important that meticulous screening process must be done before you hire one.

Finding a good and decent nanny doesn’t mean however that you can rest assured that everything will run smoothly.

It’s still important for parents to be actively aware of their nanny’s life and the things that go on in it.

Here are six helpful tips to make sure your child’s safety is being prioritized when they’re in the company of their nanny.

1. Be nice to your nanny

Yes, you are their employer. Yes, you are paying them money for their services. But that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to treat them unfairly. Nannies' work hours and work load should always be reasonable, and either parties should always be professional and treat each other with respect. In return, your nanny will go the extra mile to make sure she's doing her job well.

2. Take time to know your children’s friends and their guardians

What this does is having an extra pairs of eyes, which is always helpful when it comes to children. It doesn’t matter how good and well-trained a nanny is; during emergency cases, it's always helpful knowing there are people that can help.

3. Teach your nanny about stranger danger

Give her a list of names of people to trust, like relatives and family friends, so that when someone comes up to her and starts asking her to do certain things, she knows whether or not she can trust that person. On the other hand,  it’s also important to let her know that she shouldn’t let her guards down just because they’re close to the family.

4. Install CCTV cameras

Such cameras are especially useful because it allows parent to track the goings on in their household when they’re not there. It also given them an insight as to how a nanny behaves when no one is looking.

5. Know important information about them

Such information includes previous employment, their friends and family, and where they’re staying at if they’re not living in your house. Character references are also a useful tool in knowing how well you can trust a nanny with their job.

6. Keep nannies informed about the latest scams

By teaching them to be more careful when it comes to harmful modi operandi and scams, you are in turn adding another layer of protection on your children. Nannies should learn how to make informed decisions and not to be too gullible. Knowledge is indeed power.

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