11 cute Christmas gifts for your child’s classmates

11 cute Christmas gifts for your child’s classmates

Looking out for gifts to give your child’s classmates in the coming Christmas? You may love to consider each of these all-time trendy and cutie collections for every gift-giving season without hurting so much your pocket.

“It’s the thought that counts,” they say when it comes to giving gifts to those close to your heart. But what if the case is that you’re preparing not for your closed ones but for your child’s classmates? Like after spending a year of your child at school, it is nice to give Christmas gifts for classmates to celebrate their year-round company and friendship.

In choosing a gift for somebody, get something you know they will appreciate and not just become clutter after the thrill of unboxing. Especially for the kids, go with the items that last or even go beyond childhood. Perhaps, gifts that good to give and nice to receive are the ones practical, interesting, and useful.

We at theAsianparent-Philippines help you—moms and dads out there—find Christmas gifts for classmates of your kiddos. Not just cutie and classic-trendy, but are also available at shops online, like in Lazada and Shopee. So, have the right ones for your kiddos’ classmates, and feel the warmth of this gift-giving season without breaking your bank.

11 Christmas gifts for classmates

  1. Mug or cup

Whether your child’s classmates are a hot chocolate drink lover or a forever milk drink fanatic, you can never go wrong with choosing a mug or a cup as a token. In fact, for only P55 to P100, you can easily avail this item with an option to choose the design you want, or layout yourself the design and have it customized for them.

  1. Readings

Everybody loves a good book. Keeping your child’s classmates busy and productive during this holiday season goes with giving them books as a present. There a lot kind of books that will suit their tastes and interests—here, of course, needs your child’s brilliant recommendations to get his/her classmates’ preferences. And you can always choose ones that do not tear apart your wallet so bad, ranging from P79 to P100 is a good buy already.

  1. Art materials

So many potential gifts under this category which by the way can assure affordability and guaranteed creativity, like customized-carved crayons, oil pastel, colored pencils, permanent paint pens, water-based or oil-based paint, gel pens, bead kit, sequin art, and a lot more. Depending on which type of material, prices range from as low as P15 up to P100. 

  1. Pillow

Everyone loves to sleep, and it’s always a good sleep with pillows received with love and celebration of friendship. Pillows are harmless even to parents’ pockets (haha!). For only P99, you can always have the gift that will promise a good company at night to everybody.

  1. Sweets

A load of delicious sweet treats as a Christmas gift for classmates is maybe the trendiest classic gift of all classics. It’s always a great way to let your child’s mates know they are being appreciated and thankful for. With a wide variety of choices at affordable prices as P100 below, surely your budgetarian purse will thank you for.

  1. Colorful socks

Socks should not be a flimsy gift. No, never! This is especially when you can always choose from the variety of designs that will surely fit each personality of your child’s classmates. So, there now, go check online at Lazada or Shopee whether you’d want some Korean pairs, the classic ones, or a mix of both, without worrying you’ll be left out of balance. Because for sure, for around P35 to P75, you’ll get the cutest of designs you can ever give away.

  1. Pouch or handbag

This is a perfect gift for everyone provided the design and appearance will reflect the personality of the receiver. You know this one is something to carry most of the day that means, the carrier will always remember how the giver has been so thoughtful of picking the right one for him/her.

  1. Board games

Looking out for a therapeutic gift for the board game lover among your child’s classmates this Christmas? Or just hoping to find something fun and interactive to play this holiday season? Worry no more for a variety of simple board games has definitely covered you—snake and ladders paper board game, wooden domino, mini scrabble, chess and dama, and a lot like more.

  1. Tumbler

Giving your child’s friends and classmates a reusable (and perhaps, personalized!) tumbler is always meant as well as to sending love to the planet and hopes to our mother environment. Except for the fact that this can be availed for the price of only P100 and above, depending to your choice, this is a better way to teach our children some a few but impactive ways to reduce waste, reuse, and recycle items.

  1. Stuffed toy

The stuffed toy makes the ideal gift of all time for people of all ages. It’s always a perfect way either to brighten someone’s day or provide comfort to someone’s isolation. Of course, this coming Christmas, we’d like a source of smile for every kid out there, so, a stuffed toy at an affordable price, ranging from P75 to P100, is always a good present.

  1. Stationary pad or notebook

For only P65 to P95, your child can send away some cutie notebooks or stationary pad to classmates, who can always opt to use it as keepsake of doodles and letters they receive from other friends and relatives.

Whichever ones from the list you must come up with, keep in mind that the tradition of giving gifts during Christmas and the holiday season comes with the love of joy and surprises. Because at the end of the day, “it is always the thought that counts.”

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