College grad's touching message to dad who peddled burgers and siomai for 16 years

College grad's touching message to dad who peddled burgers and siomai for 16 years

This is what parenthood is really about. A touching story about a food peddler who got his child through school by selling burgers and siomai.

We've heard countless stories of unsung heroes, parents who sacrifice so much to give their children a good future.

We've heard stories of hard work and perseverance— of a single mom who got her son, now an architect, through school by doing laundry for her neighbors, of a father who works as a janitor by day and balut vendor by night to send his children to college. These and so many more anecdotes paint a picture of what parenthood really means.

Whether you're a CEO or a street vendor we're all motivated to get up each day by the same thing—our love for the most precious people in our lives. The need to provide food on the table three times a day, clothes on their backs, and good education is what makes us get up and run with only 2 hours of sleep (or sometimes none at all).

And this viral post about a burger vendor and his wife is no different. Their daughter, Love Ramos, who recently graduated with a degree in International Travel and Tourism Management shared a touching message for her parents.

Her father Arnulfo a burger vendor of 16 years traverses the streets of Tunasan up to Poblacion and even Putatan in Muntinlupa in his food bike to sell burgers and siomai. He won't go home until he's sold all she says. And he won't mind the heat nor the rain just to sustain their "educational needs". Her mother Mabel, on the other hand wakes up early each day to prepare the siomai and hamburger that her father sells.

Here's the rest of her touching message to her parents:

What sacrifices have you made for your children? How far are you willing to go to make sure their needs are met? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Use #parasaanak.


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