Coming to grips with father's day as a widow

How can a family celebrate father's day, if their father has already passed away?

Being widowed is a terrible thing. Imagine losing the one person you've depended on throughout all of these years, the father of your children, and your partner for life. It's easy to tell people to just move on with their lives, but in reality, grieving is never easy.

Facing Father's Day will also be extra difficult, as you want to celebrate how they lived, but the memories of their death still linger on.

Remember them fondly

If it's your celebrating your first father's day without your husband, then it's going to be hard. However, it's better to remember your happy memories together rather than focus on the circumstances of their death.

It will also be easier for your kids to come to grips with the loss of their father if you're strong, resilient, and show them that people die, and life goes on, but the memories you've had with a person will stay with you the rest of your life.

Talk about things such as your fondest memories, any funny moments, or even weird quirks that your late husband might have had. Give your children a look into who their father was, and how he lived.

Family traditions are important

You might be tempted to skip father's day altogether, if you feel that it will just bring up sad memories. However, establishing family traditions, or rituals as some people call it, helps your family stay close.

These traditions represent not the death of a person that's important in your life, but their life. You can go have a picnic every weekend, or visit the places that you used to go to when your husband was still alive.

Activities like these build up on the good memories, and slowly overcome the sad ones. Eventually, you and your family will come to grips with your loss, and you'll be all the better for it.

Leaning on one another for support is also important. Don't try to hide your sadness from your children, it's okay to show them how you feel, and to lean on them for support. Likewise, if your kids are sad at the loss of their father, always be there for them.


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