Hands-on celebrity dads that are just are too adorable!

Hands-on celebrity dads that are just are too adorable!

From Richard Gutierrez to Ian Veneracion, we list down hands-on celebrity dads who are just too adorable!

These adorable dads are sure to inspire you with how much they're involved with their kids while they're still growing up!

1. Richard Gutierrez

Happy hot Momma's day?

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Richard Gutierrez and his son Zion are practically inseperable! And honestly, what dad wouldn't be hands-on if he had a super cute kid like Zion? On Richard Gutierrez's Instagram page, you'll see a lot of family photos, especially with Richard and Zion, which really shows how close their family is.

2. Aga Muhlach

While Aga Muhlach might not be as active in show business as before, it just means that he can spend more time with his kids, Atasha, and Andres. The doting dad can be seen on Instagram together with his wife, Charlene, and both of their kids.

Just goes to show that the former Bagets star really is still a 'bagets' at heart!

4. Ryan Agoncillo

Boys Night Out! with my zombie-slayin' steak-chompin' partner? #storiesforlucho

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The avid motorcyclist and photographer always finds time to spend with his wife and his kids. And his Instagram is just chock-full of family photos! That's one dedicated dad!

4. Zoren Legaspi

Last night when Cassy got home ❤️❤️❤️ #lovecassy

A post shared by zoren_legaspi (@zoren_legaspi) on

Just by watching their commercials, you can get a semblance of just how tight-knit their family is. But aside from being a family man, he's also a director, film producer, host, and an actor. And all that on top of being a hands-on dad!

5. Robin Padilla

Sa nakikita kong hirap, pagod at puyat ng aking asawa @marieltpadilla I strongly support HB4113 isulong para sa mga kababaihan - Maternity DAD. "Currently, our laws provide that pregnant women may take a leave of 60 days with pay equivalent to 100% of their basic salary, allowances and other benefits, or 78 days for women who undergo caesarian deliveries. This number, however, fails to fully cover even the first 100 days of the life of a child, a period which is critical to breastfeeding, establishing a bond with the baby, and developing a resistance to chronic diseases such as asthma.The Philippines is one of a shrinking minority of nations providing for less than a minimum fourteen weeks of statutory maternity leave," -Aglipay-Villar explained.. "Anak Mindanao, alongwith our Muslim women constituents, through this representation hereby manifest our support to this Bill... May we also remind ourselves, through this Bill, of the responsibility of government, the private sector, of society itself in rearing the next generation of this country.... afterall, it is the society as a whole, not just the mother or the family that will suffer or benefit from however or whatever our children become." -Turabin-Hataman [email protected] @iamsuperbianca @vidanes_cm @sittidjalia @mannypacquiao @piacayetano

A post shared by robin padilla (@robinhoodpadilla) on

Known for doing his own stunts in his action films, Robin Padilla's pretty hands-on when it comes to his acting. The same can also be said about his being a dad, as he constantly dotes over his baby daughter, and even takes care of her while his wife, Mariel, has some much needed rest.

6. Drew Arellano

Our lil happy flipper ? @antonioprimoarellano #AussiePosse2017

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Drew and his son Primo, are practically inseparable! Drew constantly dotes over his baby boy, as well as his wife, Iya. The trio can also be seen on Instagram, traveling, and doing a host of fun activities as a family!

It's great to know that even super busy celebs always make it a point to be the ones to take care of their kids.

7. Dingdong Dantes


Dingdong Dantes sure is making the most out of being a dad to his daughter, Letizia. Dingdong and Marian are known for being hands-on parents, and they're always with their super cute baby daughter, every step of the way!

8. Ian Veneracion

Of course, what list of hands-on celebrity dads would be complete without Ian Veneracion? 42-year-old star doesn't even look a day over 30, and he actively engages in a lot of outdoor activities to keep him fit. He even goes on motorcycle rides with his son, Draco.


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