Condom Challenge: A new and dangerous online craze

Condom Challenge: A new and dangerous online craze

Learn about the new Condom Challenge and why it is dangerous for teens to try it.

You have probably heard about the Ice Bucket challenge that got famous and ordinary individuals to either get soaked by ice water or opt to donate to the ALS Association (or do both).

The latest online craze to hit the internet is called the Condom Challenge.

The challenge involves holding a condom filled with water on top of someone and letting go - if the attempt is successful, the condom will form a water-filled bubble around the person's head (the head is not supposed to get wet). Sources have credited a pair of Japanese boys for starting this trend.

Since then, others, mostly teens, have joined the bandwagon and many videos have already been posted online. It is unclear when the challenge was turned into an attempt to promote condom use but the exercise is supposed to prove how durable condoms are and that size is not an excuse to refrain from practicing safe sex.

However, unlike with the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, there have been few videos actually promoting the use of condoms (the correct way, we mean).

A Huffington article also challenged the validity of the message. Condoms are manufactured in different sizes because, in order to be effective, they have to fit just right. "Too big and you may experience breakages,” reminds sex educator Liz Walker.

The internet can be a great way to spread awareness about important advocacies, but safety should still be prioritized.

There has been one unconfirmed death related to this challenge. While some claim it is a hoax, the threat should not be taken lightly. Even failed attempts can be dangerous.

So, parents, please remind your teens to stay safe.

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