What kids must learn to become 'confidently beautiful with a heart'

What kids must learn to become 'confidently beautiful with a heart'

Kids can learn a lot from the stunning beauty who won the Miss Universe crown for the Philippines after four decades.

You could almost hear the jubilant screams of Filipinos from all over the world when Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach was named Miss Universe.

It was a victory 43 years in the making.

But more than being a pretty face, Pia wowed the world with her composure, grace, and intelligence.

When asked why she should be crowned Miss Universe 2015 during the crucial final Q&A, Pia said she wants to become an inspiration to the youth and to show the world that she is 'confidently beautiful with a heart'.

That striking phrase has been consistently trending on social media. But what does it really mean? We take a look at these lessons kids can learn from Pia.

Chin up even when you thought you lost

When pageant host Steve Harvey mistakenly announced that Miss Colombia was the new Miss Universe, Pia didn't hesitate to accept her new title of 1st runner up. With a sincere smile, Pia  gave Miss Colombia a hug. It was admirable how well she handled it considering it has been her dream to win that crown.

Part of growing up is learning to accept defeat. Though it's great to foster a sense of ambition in our kids to reach for their dreams, just as essential is the need for learning how to accept disappointment.

Grace and humility when you find out you won

When Steve Harvey shocked the world and owned up to announcing the wrong winner, Pia hesitantly walked up to the front of the stage. When she was asked to take her first walk, she graciously waited for further instructions and stayed where she was, obviously stunned but not wanting to offend Miss Colombia, who was still wearing the crown.

From Pia's simple gesture, Kids can learn how to refrain from being arrogant when they grow up to be successful. Sometimes, when life favors us, it doesn't give us the liberty to be insensitive with other's feelings.

Be aware and care about solving relevant social problems

When she cited a specific social issue instead of throwing out general and grand ideas, she proved that she cares enough to study and read up on what she stands for instead of just mimicking typical "pageant answers".

Raising good kids doesn't only mean teaching them to be confident and to love themselves. Although these are important. A vital part of their holistic development is truly caring about the world around them.

Be determined and persevering

Though she only got the Bb. Pilipinas crown on her third try, her spirit was never broken. A couple of months back, she even said, in jest, that though Pacquiao lost the tension-filled boxing match to Mayweather, she vowed to win the Miss Universe title in Las Vegas for the Filipino people, which only goes to show how confident but candid she is.

Growing up is never without struggle. Through Pia's example, kids can learn not to give up on their dreams, to not listen to the naysayers, and to go for what they want without hesitation.

Believe in your beauty and potential even if others don’t 

In an interview with Sun Star, the stunning beauty queen confessed to being bullied at school. Other kids would call her names and she admits she was very shy. She grew up overcoming this and eventually joined beauty pageants with confidence.

Bullying is something many kids experience but it shouldn't define their self-worth. Even if Pia was called names during her formative years, she didn't allow this to be a hindrance.

Embrace your weaknesses as part of your strength

In an interview with Rappler, Pia said, "“Work your way around them and then you find what your passion is and get the confidence from there. You don’t have to be a beauty queen or to have a crown for you to inspire other people."

Though she has faced bullying and rejection throughout her life, Pia never gave up until

Way to go, Pia! You did the Philippines proud!

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