Adorable dancing Babywearing dads become internet stars

Adorable dancing Babywearing dads become internet stars

Move over, dancing moms; it’s the dads’ time to shine. Check out the adorable viral video here

Exercise dance classes are nothing new. Your neighborhood gym pretty much has them around the clock. So, what made this particular one special enough to go insanely viral?

Well—for one thing—it involves line dancing, funky music, and babywearing dads!

Though the dads in the video "claim they don't dance”, they actually do a pretty good job—as proven by having over a million views.

“They were 'dancin' and singin' and movin' to groove' just to show these mamas how much they appreciate them. And that's the greatest love of all!”

This isn’t the first time GroovaRoo Dance studio in San Diego, California made waves on social media.

Just recently, their babywearing dancing moms became internet stars because of their performance of Vanilla Ice's Hip-Hop classic, “Ice, Ice Baby”.

Dancing with babies in their carriers is uncommon, but the idea came naturally to founders Amber Anjali, a postpartum yoga instructor/doula and her husband Meeshi, a dance instructor, who were inspired by a babywearing salsa class when they were vacationing in Europe.

Putting up a facility that offers babywearing fitness and dance classes for parents was a fairly new concept; they weren’t prepared for the overwhelming reception: after only six months, they were offering classes in six locations.

A large part of their success is that it gave new moms and dads a fun way to work out while bonding and caring for their babies—it’s practical, too, because you don’t need to leave your baby with a nanny or caregiver.

"They come for the exercise, but then through the process, they find a community.”

"There aren't a lot of activities where moms can feel comfortable bringing their babies and getting a workout," Amber told TODAY Parents. "They come for the exercise, but then through the process, they find a community.”

"We like to say that our classes bring the sexy back. It can be really great for the mom to get her confidence back, and then also to share that with her partner once she gets home," said Anjali.

"I had seen a need for moms to have activities to do after they have a baby," she further told TODAY. "It can be a very isolating and challenging time for them."

Want to have your own Babywearing dance party? Find out how to throw one on the next page!

Before you go ahead and convert your living room into a dance floor and invite your friends for a babywearing dance party, here are three things to remember!

1. Attend a babywearing community meeting before you begin

Anjali shared with TODAY that, before every class, she reviews safe baby wearing techniques with the moms who attend.

As for parents who want to do this at home, she suggests searching online for a local baby wearing community and attend a meeting just to make sure their baby is strapped safely, before they get their groove on.

"They should make sure they feel comfortable using the carrier," said Anjali. "There are a lot of meetings out there, and they're usually free to attend."

2. Choose your favorite music

"Pick a couple of songs that you really like dancing to, and go with it," said Anjali, emphasizing the importance of finding music you really enjoy working out to.

3. Go for simple steps

There’s no need for complicated movements, which makes babywearing while dancing even more fun.

"A lot of what we do is just different kinds of rocking — and doing that for an entire song is great," said Anjali. "It doesn't have to be a choreographed dance, but just pick a few movements and rock with your baby and really enjoy bonding with them during that time when you have them close to you in the carrier."

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