Dengue cases in the Philippines near 100,000 mark: how to protect your family

Dengue cases in the Philippines near 100,000 mark: how to protect your family

Some provinces in the Philippines have already declared a state of calamity due to dengue. Read on to learn how you can protect your family.

As sure as the rainy season comes yearly, so too does the threat of dengue. It’s a staple of life in the Philippines but it does not mean it should be taken for granted.

According to the DOH, dengue cases are nearing the 100,000 mark as of October 2015.

Due to the rising number of deaths due to dengue, Cavite and Bulacan have declared a state of calamity.

But there is some good news: though the number of cases have increased since last year, the death toll has not. Last year’s 316 has lowered to 269 this year.

To further lower this number, the DOH calls on the public to be vigilant and to apply the necessary knowledge on how to beat the spread of this disease.

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To protect your family, always remember the 4 S’s.

Search and destroy

Make sure to rid your household and its surrounding areas of stagnant water (like those found in flower pots, sidewalk canals, garages).

Self-protection measures

Take care not to wear clothing that exposes too much skin.

Make sure to apply insect repellants at all times.

Seek Early consultation

Make sure you know the signs and symptoms of dengue.

Once you confirm the possibility of dengue, see your doctor immediately.

Say no to indiscriminate fogging

Unless it’s urgently needed, it’s best to avoid fogging. This must only be a last resort because fogging devices contain pesticides which can do more harm than good.

Just last June 2015, 11 residents in Valenzuela City were hospitalized due to the harmful effects of anti-dengue fogging. Symptoms included difficulty of breathing, vomiting, and dizziness.

The public is still waiting for the commercial release of a dengue vaccine. Until then, we should not give up the battle against this disease that has robbed so many families of their loved ones.

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