Doing Things Together is More Fun: Strengthening your Relationship

Doing Things Together is More Fun: Strengthening your Relationship

Enjoy doing things together to bring back the intimacy in your relationship.

Doing Things Together is More Fun

Bonding not only occurs in the bedroom. Connect with your partner on an intellectual level as well.

Doing Things Together is More Fun

When in a marriage or a relationship, you often reach a stage where you tend to take your entire relationship for granted and don’t really put much effort into making it better. Under such circumstances, you often notice that intimacy between couples takes a backseat along with their relationship. One good way to bring back intimacy into a relationship is to do things together. Find out what pleases your partner and do it with him or her. For example, if your partner loves cars, then help him cleaning his car over the weekend or if she likes romantic movies, then go out for those romantic movies together.

The idea is that you spend time together, doing things that you love the most. Cooking a meal together is another way of spending time together and increasing intimacy. You do not have to be gourmet chefs but could just toss a salad and heat a precooked meal but the very act of doing it together brings in the intimacy and the romance. Going out for walks in the evening or when the weather is good also allows you to share intimate moments which lead to a renewed romance. The bottom line is to share your likes and dislikes with your partner and to do things together.


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