Mo Twister reassures friend Donita Rose: 'You have your son. You got something good out of it.'

Mo Twister reassures friend Donita Rose: 'You have your son. You got something good out of it.'

Donita Rose's longtime friend Mo Twister minced no words when he hinted at money issues being the cause for their split. Find out more here.

Donita Rose’s longtime friend DJ Mo Twister did not hold back when he addressed her split from husband of 12 years, Eric Villarama on his radio show, Good Times With Mo.

Donita, who was co-hosting the July 12, also confirmed the split in the same episode.

Mo, who witnessed the different chapters of Donita and Eric’s love story, could only describe it as ‘heartbreaking’.

“You guys were a great Christian couple,” he said on his radio show. “As much as I make fun of it, it’s just that every time you’re around, I try to curse more just to balance out how great people you were.”

screengrab: Youtube

screengrab: Youtube

He always believed that Eric was a good husband to Donita. So, he was stunned to find out that the couple was splitting.

“And, yeah, it’s kinda sad because how do I say it without saying too much?” said Mo, hinting that he was privy to the real reason behind the split.

“I know you did your part,” he reassured his friend, Donita. “You’ve been a good wife—minus Christianity, minus any religion b******—you did your part.”

Adding that Donita was a “good Christian wife”, and how disappointed he was that their marriage failed.

Beyond being upset because of what happened, Mo also expressed his disappointment that Eric even posted his recent photos with his new girlfriend on social media.

“I like your husband. I think he was great for x amount of years.” he said. “But, yeah, I think the Instagram photo s*** is a bit too much for my taste.”

Eric has since set his social media accounts to provide.

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Were financial problems the real cause of the split?

Though Donita didn’t really get into detail as to what the real cause of their split was, Mo seems to have been pertaining to money issues, though Donita didn’t confirm or deny this.

“You were on top of the world at some point,” said Mo. “Do you think that the guy so goes, ‘Holy s***! I’m gonna date the hottest girl in the country who’s making ten mil per f******* ad, who’s got TV shows, who’s got this, got that.’ And the moment all of that tends to go away—because we all face a decline in this business—he’s gone.”

“I have thought about that as a possibility,” admitted Donita.

“It’s more than a possibility. It’s a f****** reality, right? At least it is in my eyes,” pressed Mo. “And this happens in a lot of relationships when celebrities date non-celebs.”

screengrab: Youtube

screengrab: Youtube

“But you carried financially,” Mo went on. “You were not just the hottest girl in the region [when you and Eric got married in 2003]. You also carried it financially for decades,” said Mo.

He went on to recount how Donita was the sole financial provider, from their lush home in Singapore to their extravagant wedding, which cost 40 million pesos.

But more than this, Mo also turned the attention to their only son.

“Your son’s hero is his father. I saw how close they are,” said Mo. Adding how awful it must be for their son to witness this.

“Now, when we were younger, I’d kill the f*** who did this to you,” he continued. “But in reality you have your son. You’ve got something good out of it.”

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