Donita Rose will take a break from showbiz to 'recover from a broken heart'

Donita Rose will take a break from showbiz to 'recover from a broken heart'

Actress Donita Rose confirmed the news through responses to her fans and followers on Instagram. Find out more about Donita's plans, here.

Just a few weeks since her split from Eric Villarama, Donita Rose seems to have decided to say goodbye to showbiz–for now.

She confirmed the end of her 12-year marriage on her good friend Mo Twister’s radio show. In the same interview, she shared that she is in the process of recovery. “I’m in a position where I’m just starting to heal and move on.”

Eric has since been posting photos with his new girlfriend, something many of Donita’s fans and followers found to be in poor taste.

Since then, Donita was met with a wave of support from family, friends, and fans, rooting her on and encouraging her that “she deserves better”.

On a photo she posted on July 29, one of her 108,000 followers (@jherianne1.29) commented that she couldn’t believe Donita’s husband could ever be unfaithful to her.

The ever gracious actress thanked her supporter through a comment accompanied by a Bible verse, Romans 8:28.

She added, “I believe that and am now looking forward with only happiness in my heart.”

screengrab: Donita Rose Instagram

screengrab: Donita Rose Instagram

Another fan who goes by the username @zagvut on Instagram wanted to know when she could see her idol on TV again. “Not sure,” responded Donita. “For now, am taking a break for the ‘biz just to recover from a broken heart and heal (with) my son.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 11.40.40 AM

screengrab: Donita Rose Instagram

Dinner by moonlight tonight w the babe (that’s me)! ????

A photo posted by realdonitarose (@realdonitarose) on

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Even though she’s set to take a break from showbiz, Donita’s grateful that a popular brand of cooking oil chose her as their ‘Heart Mate Ambassador’.

She recently shared a selfie on Instagram taken while she was on her way to a shoot for her latest endorsement. In the accompanying caption, she expressed how thankful she is that they chose her when she “was at her lowest”.

“When I was at my lowest, they came in and… just when I was about to give up again, they wouldn’t let me… Thank you to my Jolly Heart Mate Canola Oil family for everything,” she wrote. Aside from shooting ads for the brand, Donita will be touring the country with them to experience various Philippine festivities.

A time-lapse glimpse of today’s hair and makeup by @kristbansuelo & @bonita2878 for #Jolly HeartMateCanolaOil.

A video posted by realdonitarose (@realdonitarose) on

Her faith remains unshaken despite everything. “Not only is Lord Jehovah Jireh/provider, He’s also Jehovah Rapha, the one who heals every pain. What could be a more fit title?” she added.

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