Don't miss out on these great new family board games

Don't miss out on these great new family board games

These are the newest, family-approved board games that you can't afford to miss this year. Bring the whole family together with these great games!

Looking for a new, fun way to bring the family together? Try scheduling a family night and playing a board game!

Board games are a great way to entertain, engage, and have fun with the entire family. You’ve exhausted every game in your house, though. So, why not try a brand new game to make the most out of family time?

We’ve done some research on found some brand new board games that are family approved, and tons of fun.

Check out our list of board games to keep an eye out for this year:

1. Dragonwood



Dragonwood is “A game of dice & daring” as coined by the creators. Basically, you collect cards and roll die as you progress through the enchanted, fantasy inspired game board. It’s a role playing game suitable for two to four players, ages eight and up. Recommended for fantasy enthusiasts, and adventurous families!


2. Scrabble Twist

scrabble twist


A new “twist” on the classic word based game. Don’t worry about using a deep vocabulary for this family-friendly game. The included handheld unit allows for game modes that won’t challenge you too much, which means the whole family can play without creating a competitive disadvantage. Perfect for ages eight and older, and can support up to eight players.


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3. Dinosaur Escape



A massive volcano is about to erupt and it’s up to you and your family to help the dinosaurs escape to Dinosaur Island before it’s too late! A fun and simple game suitable for kids as young as four, and two to four players. Great for bringing your family together for some prehistoric fun.


4. Apple Pop

apple pop


Apple Pop is great for families with younger children. Specifically, two to four year olds, but still fun for older crowds. The game involves catching and collecting apples as the pop from the apple tree! Catch three to win. Fit for two to four players.


5. Rally Up



A matching game with a fun rhythmic approach that is sure to entertain the whole family. Two to four players, ages six and up, will race to “rally up” two or more matches to win. Not only is it fun, but it builds focus and attention as well as processing speed!


6. Yoga Spinner



Think of this game as introduction to yoga, and an incredibly fun way to incorporate fitness into a board game! Give the spinner a whirl, and try to hold the pose it lands on for 10 seconds. If you succeed, you or your team, gets to keep the card. Collect the color cards to win. This fun fitness game will have your family excited for game night and for physical activity!

There you have it parents! Some brand new board games for 2016 that are sure to help make the most out of family game night.

Board games are a great way to help kids build leadership skills, as well as understand teamwork. Not to mention they truly bring the family together for unforgettable memories.

Be on the lookout for these great games this year!

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