Don’t wear a bra, scientific study tells women

Don’t wear a bra, scientific study tells women

Don't wear a bra when you get home? You may be doing your ta-ta's a favor according to this new study on how bras affect our breasts. Read more below.

Research conducted on 330 women aged 18 to 35 over the course of fifteen years shows that bras don’t really do anything to help our breasts—and can even make them saggier.

Throughout the years, though, doctors, schools and parents have told us why we should wear bras:

  • To keep our breasts from sagging
  • Required for the dress code at work
  • So your nipples don’t show through your shirt
  • So big-bosomed girls get the support they need

But new evidence has come up in a clinical study that gives clinical proof that bras really don't help our breasts the way we think they do.

15 years, 330 sets of breasts

The study was conducted by a French university where women’s breasts were measured every year with a caliper and a ruler. The results were quite surprising.

According to the study, it was shown that women who wore bras regularly for fifteen years did not show any marked improvement in how their ta-ta’s sagged

“Medically, physiologically, anatomically – breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity. On the contrary, they get saggier with a bra,” Professor Rouillon said in an interview to France Info.

While some doctors do say that bras help defy gravity, this new study says that gravity isn't really our enemy.

don't wear a bra

Don't wear a bra for more perkiness

The most interesting result of the study, however, is this:

Women who don't wear a bra showed that their nipple were raised by 7mm. That’s right—their aureolas lifted by a third of an inch!

What do you think about that, mommies? The study further concluded that wearing a bra at an early age did nothing to prevent sagging. On the contrary, the study says, bras can negatively affect the tone of your breasts and the collagen production, which essentially make your breasts look younger and perkier.

Not applicable to breastfeeding moms

Take note that this study can be taken further with a larger sample size and its eventual acceptance into a scientific journal. This study also hardly covers the situation of breastfeeding mothers who don't wear a bra.

We’d still suggest wearing a bra to work, though, and letting the “girls” loose when you get home.

Does this mean that at home you don't wear a bra anymore? Tell us about what you plan in the comments!

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