Double tragedy hits 2 Australian daycares: 5-month-old baby dies, 2-year-old boy drowns

Double tragedy hits 2 Australian daycares: 5-month-old baby dies, 2-year-old boy drowns

A 5-month-old baby left at a Brisbane home daycare centre has died. In a separate daycare centre, a 2-year-old boy has drowned. Read more.

The news of a three-month-old baby's death in a US daycare recently, made us extremely sad and a lot of us who depend on daycare to look after our little ones, very worried.

But soon after this incident, we heard of yet another death of a baby left in a home daycare centre -- this time the baby was just five months old and the daycare centre is located in Brisbane, Australia.

According to 9 News reports, "paramedics were called to the house about 11am (on Wednesday, November 18) and pronounced the baby dead at the scene."

While police have said that the baby died in "non-suspicious" conditions, they are looking into how many children were being cared for at the house.

Speaking to Channel 7, Inspector Steve Flori said that upon inspecting the premises, children had been found locked in rooms. He added that officers also had issues getting in touch with parents since the owners held no records of next of kin.

Meanwhile, other news reports say that a mother of another child who attended the child care centre for a time in 2014 has lashed out in an interview stating: "I'm sorry I didn't report them to police."

This mom has allegedly seen three kids been fed at once out of one bowl. She has also admitted to only being allowed into the house twice to see the actual room her son was staying in, saying:

"I became suspicious when I started reading the communication book because it became apparent to me that he was only being fed once a day and when I questioned the carers they confirmed this."

The deceased five-month-old baby is reportedly the only child to a young couple, who are said to be devastated by his loss.

Child Safety Services is reported to be investigating the baby's death.

Yet another tragedy: a two-year-old boy drowns in family daycare backyard pool. Read about this on the next page. 

Another November daycare tragedy -- toddler drowns

On November 10, according to news reports, a toddler climbed over the pool fence of a family daycare centre in Western Australia, and fell into the pool.

Sadly, the little boy drowned.

In Australia, family day care centres are run by single educator operators who often take care of their children at the same time.

Approved home daycare centres are permitted to look after up to seven children and no more than four children should be below school age.

Larger commercial centres are not permitted to have pools but family day care centres can have them provided they follow safety regulations.

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