Unstoppable You: EasySoft releases inspiring short film

Unstoppable You: EasySoft releases inspiring short film

Unstoppable You: EasySoft shoes releases an inspiring short film to motivate Filipinos to go further in pursuing their dreams.

Everyone has their own dream — big or small. In reaching these dreams, there will be challenges along the way. There will be conditions that would test you in pursuing your goals — but in no way should any of these  should stop you from attaining it. 

Each dream is possible and reachable — which EasySoft can attest to.

With the Filipino dreamer in mind, EasySoft has created an inspiring short film entitled “Lakbay”. It tells a young man’s arduous journey back to the place where all his dreams started with the help of his UNSTOPPABLE Easy Soft shoes. Capturing its message of “no condition can stop you from reaching your dreams”, Easy Soft takes us together with the young man in his journey.

The film highlights the qualities of Easy Soft: durable, flexible and weatherproof, much like how the film captures the qualities of our protagonist — making the young man and his easy soft shoes UNSTOPPABLE in reaching the destination.

Set to inspire Filipinos, young and old, “Lakbay” highlights the essence of the journey of reaching our dreams regardless of any condition along the way. 

In every journey there will be conditions that would challenge you from reaching your goals. In every journey there is a pair of EasySoft shoes to help you reach your destination. Made from material that could withstand rain, mud, and sand — EasySoft shoes are UNSTOPPABLE in helping you reach your destination and even your dreams. 

EasySoft Short Film “Lakbay”

Just as seen in the film “Lakbay”, everyone of us has their own journey in reaching their dreams. Most of us go through different conditions before we could reach our destination — but with EasySoft shoes we are UNSTOPPABLE in reaching our dreams.

What makes you unstoppable?


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