A Skin Irritation and Flare up Guide: Will Baby Lotion for Sensitive Skin Help?

A Skin Irritation and Flare up Guide: Will Baby Lotion for Sensitive Skin Help?

With children, there is always a case of skin irritation or flare ups that occur. This may be diaper rashes when they are babies, or even allergic rashes when they are older. It is always good to know how to care of these and prevent them that is key. Knowing what baby lotion for sensitive skin is a part of this solution.


There may be a lot different triggers for skin irritations and flare ups. This can be from dust and dirt, but also from possible things we eat, and are allergic to.  It even manifests itself in severe cases of stress. Some get irritations and flare ups also occur to those who are sensitive to temperature changes, especially during our BER months and early in the year from hot to cold, and humid to drier weather.

So what can we do to avoid this or when they occur, what can we use to help it get better? Will using a baby lotion for sensitive skin help at all?

What can we do?

This past November, TAP has been able to ask questions to a Singapore scientist for Johnson & Johnson, Dr. Era Anwar. Dr. Anwar has research expertise in skin biology and stem cells. She is also responsible for shaping the scientific engagement strategy in Asia Pacific for Skin Health at Johnson & Johnson. She discussed why the scientific benefits of Aveeno’s natural ingredients in their baby lotion for sensitive skin and how Aveeno Skin Relief and Aveeno Dermexa can help people with sensitive skin manage their irritation and flare ups. Read on to our interview with her.


A Skin Irritation and Flare up Guide: Will Baby Lotion for Sensitive Skin Help?

Dr. Era Anwar in the lab.


What are the preliminary symptoms parents should look out for if they suspect that their baby has sensitive skin?

It’s important to look out for symptoms of sensitive skin in your babies. I have experienced it myself since my son was a baby with sensitive skin. Common symptoms of sensitive skin in babies include skin dryness, itchiness, and irritation. In babies with sensitive skin, the developing skin barrier is often affected by one or more environmental factors including seasonal changes, central heating, air conditioning, the use of inappropriate skin care not suited for delicate baby skin, exposure to irritating substances such as harsh detergents, soaps and some laundry products. The resulting skin barrier can then allow moisture to escape from the skin leading to dry, irritated skin. Using a baby lotion for sensitive skin is part of the solution.


A Skin Irritation and Flare up Guide: Will Baby Lotion for Sensitive Skin Help?

Dr, Anwar with a patient.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the care of your baby’s sensitive skin, it is always best to consult with your doctor or healthcare professional. One of the best measures is to use a baby lotion for sensitive skin.

How can parents differentiate normal skin rash or irritation (especially in newborns) and a more serious problem?

There are no firm rules or guidelines concerning when to know if a rash is serious and requires a doctor’s attention.  One source, Riley Children’s Health, Indiana University Health, states that you should see the doctor is the rash does any of the following:

  • Keeps him or her from participating in daily activities
  • Makes it difficult for your child to sleep
  • Causes your child pain
  • Has not faded in three days
  • Does not change color when pressed
  • Appears like bruising
  • Starts shortly after eating a new food or taking a new medication
  • Or if your child has a fever with the rash


Will babies outgrow this sensitivity?

For most babies with sensitive skin such as eczema, the skin condition will gradually improve as they get older. There is no specific age for conditions like eczema to cease. Most are better by 3 years old, whilst for others the skin sensitivity persists even into teenage years and beyond. If I may add, my son’s eczema has improved tremendously now that he is 5 years old but with tendency for dry sensitive skin. An estimated 2/3 of children “outgrow” their eczema, and till then it’s best to take special care of babies and children sensitive skin.

Is eczema always the culprit? Can this be cured? Can we manage it with baby lotion for sensitive skin? 

Eczema is a very common skin condition that can cause itchiness, inflammation, and a rash-like appearance. There are several different types of eczema, including atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, and seborrheic dermatitis, as such it’s important to know what type of eczema to better manage it.

It’s most common for infants to develop eczema first on their faces, especially cheeks, chin and forehead, and even on the scalp.  While older babies may typically show presence of eczema rash on the outside surfaces of elbows and knees, it may also appear on the inside of elbows and the back of the knees, on wrists and ankles, on the eyelids and around the mouth. Although these sites are typical, eczema rash can appear anywhere on the body and symptoms may be different from one child to the next.

Living with eczema can be an ongoing challenge, especially during flare-ups. Eczema can range from mild, moderate to severe. There is no cure for eczema. But this can be managed with flare-ups minimized by consistently following a good skincare regime using a baby lotion for sensitive skin to help soothe between flare-ups. Also avoiding eczema triggers such as soaps, some laundry detergents, dyes, some perfumes, over-heating and high humidity. Part of this is also choosing a good baby lotion for sensitive skin.


A Skin Irritation and Flare up Guide: Will Baby Lotion for Sensitive Skin Help?

From babies to older kids, there may always be a trigger for skin irritations

Protection and prevention with a baby lotion for sensitive skin

Knowing these then, are there ways to help prevent this?

What are the ways to protect baby from constant skin irritation if they do have sensitive skin?

Although the exact causes of sensitive skin are not yet completely elucidated and may vary to a great deal by individual. There is evidence that key factors may include a weak skin barrier and accelerated nerve response that results in sensitive skin patients feeling things very quickly.

Therefore, using the right kinds of products, such as baby lotion for sensitive skin, that are designed to help protect and nourish the skin barrier can be helpful in caring for babies with sensitive skin.  For example, moisturizers can be used to help improve barrier function.  Also, anti-inflammatory compounds such as Oat Extract can help minimize inflammatory reactions and relieve symptoms of itchiness and discomfort. At the same time, products or ingredients that can be irritating to baby’s delicate skin should be avoided.  These include soaps and cleansers that are harsh to the skin barrier.


How to prevent flare ups? Do we use baby lotion for sensitive skin? 

Other things to consider include reducing friction on your baby’s skin. Use soft clothing such as cotton, and ensure the laundry detergent used is specifically developed for sensitive skin, without enzymes and fragrances. Also, avoid the use of heavily fragranced softeners and rinse well to ensure there is no residue on clothing. Especially for baby’s bottom, use a protective barrier cream such as one with zinc oxide in the nappy area. Try and choose a baby lotion or cream for sensitive skin.

Knowing is always the first step: use the right products which are specifically for baby’s sensitive skin

Best ways of being able to prevent flare ups and irritations on your baby’s skin is through identifying what triggers it. The weather is now changing and will change again in the coming months, so take precautions. Use a baby lotion for sensitive skin, and choose one that has no harmful chemicals which could further irritate your baby’s skin.

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