What are the effects of sleep deprivation on your skin?

What are the effects of sleep deprivation on your skin?

Aside from being tired, sleep deprivation also has negative effects on your skin, so make sure to get enough sleep everyday!

A lot of new moms tend to struggle with finding enough sleep, especially during the first few months that they're with their kids. However, aside from being tired from lack of sleep, did you know that sleep deprivation can also have negative effects on your skin?

Sleep is very important for your skin

Sleep does a lot to your body. A good night's rest helps your body shed dead blood cells, brain cells, and helps create new connections in your brain.

Toxins are also taken out of your body while you sleep, and gives your skin a nice, healthy glow that only a good night's rest can provide.

Lack of sleep also contributes to more breakouts, since it affects the level of moisture in your skin, leading to a PH imbalance. This in turn causes breakouts and dryness since your skin won't be able to produce all of the moisture that it needs in order to stay healthy and fresh looking.

A lack of sleep can make you look older

A lack of sleep also causes people to have more lines in their face, brown spots, as well as dark circles under the eyes.

Prolonged lack of sleep can also cause permanent skin discoloration, and triggers premature aging of the skin, making you look older than you really are.

It's really important for moms to try and get enough sleep, as aside from keeping them looking young and fresh, sleeping helps you cope better with stress and it makes you healthier in general.

How can moms get enough sleep?

Of course, getting enough sleep daily is easier said than done, especially for moms who take care of their kids. Here are some tips to help you get enough rest throughout the day:

  1. Lie down, even if you can't fall asleep. Lying down does help when it comes to restoring your body. Even if you don't fall asleep, an hour of just lying down can help you feel refreshed, relaxed, and energized.
  2. Ask someone else for help. If you really need to get some sleep, ask someone else to help you take care of your child. You're not less of a mom if someone helps you out when it comes to taking care of your child.
  3. Don't be too dependent on coffee. While coffee does help keep you awake, the problem is that it might prevent you from falling asleep when it's time to rest.
  4. Take naps whenever you can. As soon as your kid falls asleep, try and get some rest. It's okay to finish your other chores for later, just make sure that you're always well-rested since sleeping helps your body recharge and helps keep you fresh.

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