Did Ellen Adarna just reveal her baby bump?

Did Ellen Adarna just reveal her baby bump?

A recent video that the actress posted on Instagram has led netizens to ask the question: "Is Ellen Adarna Pregnant?" Watch the video here!

For months, rumors have circulated about the relationship between Ellen Adarna and John Lloyd Cruz. And their social media posts seem to confirm their relationship. However, this has led to some netizens asking, "Is Ellen Adarna pregnant?"

Some people are pointing towards a video that the actress recently posted on Instagram as proof of her pregnancy.

Is Ellen Adarna pregnant?

Ellen took to Instagram and posted a video of her and John Lloyd Cruz cooking outdoors in a makeshift oven.

A few seconds into the video, Ellen points the camera at herself and the dog that she's carrying. And in that moment, some netizens say that Ellen's baby bump can be seen.

We're not sure about whether or not the actress is pregnant, so we'll let you decide for yourself.

What do you think? Check out the video below:

Source: pep.ph

Photo from: Instagram.com

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