Ellie Eigenmann welcomes 5th birthday with dad Jake Ejercito

Ellie Eigenmann welcomes 5th birthday with dad Jake Ejercito

Andi Eigenmann's adorable little girl Ellie celebrated the eve of her birthday with her dad Jake. Check out the sweet moment, below!

A month after he publicly admitted that he is the real dad of Andi Eigenmann's daughter Ellie, Jake Ejercito has marked another milestone in his daughter's life.

The actor/model shared a sweet photo on his official Twitter account taken during the eve of Ellie's 5th birthday. In the photo with them is Jerika, Jake's sister and Ellie's aunt.

He also posted an adorable clip of them on a joyride, with the top down.

"The ride isn't always gonna be as smooth as we'd want it to be, but just hold tight," wrote Jake in the caption. "Daddy's got you. Happy 5th, my princess!"

"Never ko namang idinenay eh," he told PEP back in October, adding that he kept it private in order to shield Ellie from public scrutiny. "Kasi, ‘di ba, ang daming parties involved. All I wanted was to protect Ellie. Kasi ayoko talagang pag-usapan."

Even before news broke that he is indeed Ellie's biological dad, Jake has had a consistent presence in Ellie's life.

"It may have taken me years to find out by myself, but I’ve been here for you even before your first precious breath – nothing and no one has or will ever change that," wrote Jake in a heartfelt post back in October 2016.

“Know that everything has been and will always be for you. And that I will hold your hand the whole way through,” wrote Jake. “Although words will certainly fail to express how much I love you, our love story is filled with fun, optimism, and immeasurable bliss,” he said in closing. “It’s a story of a million beautiful memories that no one can ever take away from us and I’d endlessly be proud to share it with you. As we always tell each other whenever we part ways or go to sleep, you will always be my princess and I, your first love.”


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