How to encourage healthy habits in your spouse

How to encourage healthy habits in your spouse

Does your spouse smoke? Or drinks a lot of alcohol? Maybe they're not physically active? Well, here are some steps to help encourage them to be healthy!

As people grow older, they tend to be less active, and they can't do the things that they used to be able to do back when they were younger.

A lot of illnesses also start popping up as people grow older, since the bad habits that they acquired when they were younger are now coming back to haunt them.

So, if you want your spouse to start living a healthier lifestyle and be more concerned about their health, why not try following these tips to encourage healthy habits in your spouse?

1. Do it as a couple

Of course, it won't mean much to your spouse if you're unhealthy yourself. So in order to motivate your spouse, why not start a lifestyle change as well? Being healthy is important not just for yourself, but also so that you have the energy and capability to take care of your family!

Always remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so keeping your body strong is a sure way to prevent sickness!

2. Get to the root of their unhealthy habits

Unhealthy habits aren't always easy to get rid of, especially ones like drinking or smoking. Which is why it's important to get to the root cause of these habits, and address it from there.

Talk to your wife, or your husband, and make it a point to show them that they need to change their bad habits since it can negatively affect your family, and show them that you're willing to help them out every step of the way.

3. Take it slow

Don't expect your spouse to immediately make drastic changes in their lives should they choose to live healthier. Like most great things, being healthy and transitioning into a healthier lifestyle takes time, so take it one day at a time, and celebrate the small victories with your spouse!

Nagging them to exercise or eat healthier can make them lose interest in being healthy, so try to avoid that type of behavior.

4. Focus on having goals

It's important to not just exercise or start living a healthier lifestyle "just because." It's important to set goals for you and your spouse so that your spouse will feel motivated and have something that they can look forward to.

Constantly creating goals is key in making sure that the healthy lifestyle will be a permanent part of your life.

5. Have fun!

Lastly, have fun! Being healthy shouldn't feel like a chore, nor a punishment. It should be treated as something positive that will have a lot of benefits for your family, so make it fun, exciting, and make it more interesting for you and your spouse!


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