10 Healthy diet foods that are actually making you gain weight

10 Healthy diet foods that are actually making you gain weight

Just because it's healthy doesn't mean it's slimming. Take note of these common healthy foods that can actually be fattening!

Though eating healthy is great, it should be done wisely if one of your main goals is to shed some pounds. Say it with me: healthy does NOT mean slimming. When planning meals, make sure to take into account the amount of fat and calories found in certain healthy foods. Noting serving size is also essential!

Here are 15 foods that are healthy but, if not consumed the right way, could contribute to weight gain, according to Health.com.


Though this superfood is packed with fiber, antioxidants, Vitamin E, potassium, folate, etc, it’s also high in fats and calories. Compared to other fruits, avocados contain 71% to 88% more fat.

Dried fruit

Fruits have a higher sugar and calorie content when water is taken out of them, which is how dried fruits are made. Health.com gives us an example: 60 calories can be found in a cup of fresh grapes, but a cup of raisins has 460 calories, which is five to eight times more calories!


You may think that blending fruits and veggies with ice is a great addition to your low-calorie diet, but if you’re not careful with the ingredients you choose, you may be tricking yourself into consuming a lot of sugar and calories. Make sure to be smart in choosing your smoothie. Go for unsweetened milk and fruit as well as plain yogurt.

10 Healthy diet foods that are actually making you gain weight

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Tuna Salad

Canned tuna in water only has about 179 calories, but once whipped up into a salad, many people often forget to skip the mayo. When making Tuna Salad, try using greek yogurt instead; not only does this boost your protein intake, it is just as delicious!


One container of plain yogurt has about 100 calories and is packed with calcium. Adding certain types of fruit and too many toppings increases its caloric content to 150. It also adds sugar. Make sure to buy plain, fat-free yogurt or greek yogurt, which has a lower sugar content but high in protein.

10 Healthy diet foods that are actually making you gain weight

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Sandwich wraps

Though forgoing white bread and choosing wraps to make a sandwich is great, it can have the same amount of calories if you’re not careful. In fact, some wraps are more processed and have a higher calorie content than some types of bread.

A good way to lessen calories is to choose smaller tortilla wraps, the 6 to 8-inch kind. Make sure it’s 100% whole grain.


Though tofu offers a lot of nutrients, like iron, protein, and calcium and a low calorie count. However, the manner by which it is cooked or prepared can make all the difference. For instance, if you fry it, tofu tends to absorb a lot of oil and thereby fats. Make sure to stick to healthy tofu recipes!


Salads are a go-to meal for anyone who wants to slim down, but adding too many ingredients, like cheese, chicken, and croutons, can be even more fattening. Make sure to refrain from adding too much to your leafy greens. Make sure your chosen dressing is low in calories, too. A great example of this is SaladStop’s Ting Tong salad, which includes romaine lettuce, cajun shrimp, vermicelli, ripe mango, pomelo, cherry tomatoes, snow peas, shredded coconut, roasted peanuts, Thai Peanut Turmeric dressing!

10 Healthy diet foods that are actually making you gain weight

Yeobo Yeobo warm grain bowl and Ting Tong salad (photo courtesy of SaladStop Philippines)

Whole Wheat Bread

Be careful when choosing whole wheat bread; make sure it’s 100% whole grains, made from actual whole grains. Because if it isn’t, then it’s just as processed as a regular loaf white bread.

You can even make your own whole wheat bread at home. Try this simple recipe!


When you’re on a diet, canned soup can be a lifesaver because we often think that it offers a satisfying alternative to a full meal. But canned soup is usually high in salt and processed ingredients. Choose low-sodium brands in order to avoid bloating and water retention. You can also use water to dilute soup to reduce its salt content.

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